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  1. Makes boro the lowest goalscoring team in the league now shocking
  2. cant you see the comparisons between boro and norwich 3 of thier back four are under 23 bola dijksteel fry are like lewis aarons godfrey its a shame we dont have a buendia
  3. We need to match this saturday when we play millwall lets see if boro are as good as fulham
  4. My team for wigan Randolph dijksteel fry ayala Bola McNair Clayton Wing Johnson Fletcher Browne subs to be used britt tav howson
  5. we will finish bottom like sunderland unless steve gibson splashes the cash in january
  6. the only way to get rid of the toxic atmosphere at home is to get relegated maybe it will stop the boos
  7. we might end up like sunderland then steve gibson will have to sell up how can he compete in league 1 if he cant spend the money
  8. Mcnair and dael fry as cbs will do okay as options i think mcnair played cb last season and did good.
  9. CHIEN LEE IN STEVE GIBSON OUT this will sort out all our money problems how much is middlebrough football club worth 50-100 million no problem for mr lee he has 7 billion hahahahahahahah
  10. We will be a bottom 6 club boro charlton wigan millwall birmingham luton all battling relegation imagine a relegation battle between two former friends and players woodgate bowyer that would be interesting
  11. fry and britt are already leaving and randolph braithwaite
  12. the club says players are injured but they are just pulling wool over all your eyes we dont want too see our favourite players leave but what you dont understand is that steve gibson is saving up his retirement pot and all us boro fans want to fill that pot up full for him
  13. randolph going to villa for 10m fry to burnley 20m braithwaite going for 10 m britt going for 9m plus 6 m add ons too celtic flint sold for 6m WE WILL HAVE 61 MILLION TO SPEND ON PLAYERS FROM THESE SALES
  14. did you see shotton run down the flank last season at times he was really fast everyone was calling him shottdinho
  15. players i think will still go braithwaite 10m mcnair 10m fry 20m randolph going to villa for 10 m thats 56 million we just got 6 m for flint
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