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  1. What do the (+1) and (+2) mean?
  2. What the heck does Coulson have to do to get a go at LWB?
  3. Yes you're right. Argentina won their first 4 games then got beat by Germany, that obviously means the system they played was wrong. My mistake.
  4. "Bielsa has often converted midfielders into versatile defenders, and a prime example of this was the 2010 World Cup. He used Waldo Ponce as a dominant central defender and slotted two quick defensive-minded midfielders either side of him in Gonzalo Jara and Gary Medel."
  5. If Tav is playing RWB I can't see him being benched for Roberts, who is certainly not going to play there.
  6. ---------------------------Bettinelli ----------------Dijksteel - Fry - McNair Spence - Morsy - Tavernier - Saville - Coulson --------------------Fletcher - Akpom
  7. There are some who believe he has been less awful at LWB. But at LB he was directly responsible for at least 2 goals conceded, but my memory is awful so there could be way more.
  8. Didn't he play Johnson at left-back in those games and wasn't he awful?
  9. 1- yes 2 - no 3 - both ways are fine. It's whether you put jam or cream on first that really matters.
  10. Would anyone take Howson or Britt, considering the current financial situation? From the article above, when he says someone who can change things, that sounds like a 'Roberts' type player. If we could get someone like that in on loan and see where we are in January, the window will have been okay.
  11. If fans can't go back, will there be some leeway with FFP rules to allow more investment to stop clubs from going bust?
  12. But is 433 better than 352? Do we have the players for 433? Johnson is ineffective at LWB and terrible at LB. Where would Roberts play in 433? Would that mean we only played one of our strikers rather than two, and how is that better?
  13. Tranfermarkt says left foot. Wears #11 shirt. Seems likely he plays on left.
  14. Coulson can't make it onto the pitch ahead of one league 1 player, it would be a travesty for him to be pushed further down the pecking order because of another one.
  15. What I like about that article is that he makes it clear the importance of practice. He had talent, but it is still about practicing over and over again. Someone of his ability who could drill that into young players' minds at Boro would be brilliant. I can't see it happening though.
  16. Why are you playing Howson at RB when Dijksteel was bought to play RB? You've left Fry out to accommodate that arrangement too.
  17. I'm sorry, I think that is correlation, not causation. Having a 20-goal a season striker is indicative of the team working. Yes the player needs to put the chances away, but every part needs to work, a well-drilled defence, a midfield that can destroy and create and strikers that put away chances. I don't disagree with you, I just think you're simplifying things. In my view, what we need right now, is a plan, not a 20-goal a season striker.
  18. Wiki says 12. Of those 12, 3 played for Brentford, who didn't get promoted. I agree it helps, but having 1 decent striker does not a promotion team make.
  19. 12 players scored 15 or more last season. 2 got promoted. That's 17%. It isn't just about having a striker that puts away chances. It's about the team. The AK Championship years showed us that.
  20. But what percentage of players scoring 15 or more, or 20 or more get promoted each year?
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