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  1. 7 minutes ago, Brunners said:

    Friend said a recent interview that he was actually signed as a CB, but got moved to left back either due to injury or a sale, I can't remember which.

    Dijksteel is a RCB in a 3, he's not a CB in the sense that you'd whack him in a back 4 and be happy with it. He's a CDM that got moved to RB due to his athleticism and has about one full season of experience there too, so it could be argued that he doesn't necessarily have his best position nailed down yet. As mentioned by @LinoJo3 the RCB probably actually suits him because it's the blend of DM and RB.

    "Bielsa has often converted midfielders into versatile defenders, and a prime example of this was the 2010 World Cup. He used Waldo Ponce as a dominant central defender and slotted two quick defensive-minded midfielders either side of him in Gonzalo Jara and Gary Medel."

  2. 1 minute ago, ElDaftardo said:

    If any truth is in the rumour about Randell Williams I would be pleased with it. He looked pretty decent when watching Exeter in the playoffs. Played more on the left side of midfield and had some decent crosses on him.


    1 minute ago, DanFromDownSouth said:

    He 100% is a right sided player. Played nearly all his football on the right for Exeter last season. In their play-off games he was playing as a right wing-back.

    I can see him coming in to add competition for Spence. 

    I'm a little bit confused.  Left or right?

  3. 1 hour ago, estonpidge said:

    recruiting this guy would surely improve our coaching



    What I like about that article is that he makes it clear the importance of practice.  He had talent, but it is still about practicing over and over again.  Someone of his ability who could drill that into young players' minds at Boro would be brilliant.  I can't see it happening though.

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  4. 4 minutes ago, SouthernSmoggie said:

    Green, Roberts, and a left back on loan from a Prem team would mean we can play 4-3-3... and look a much better side I reckon.

    Something like the below would feel so much better than what we have now. Spence and Johnson aren't good enough to play wing-back and it's killing us every game IMO. 


    ---Howson-Dijksteel-Hall--(loan LB)




    Why are you playing Howson at RB when Dijksteel was bought to play RB?  You've left Fry out to accommodate that arrangement too.

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  5. 1 minute ago, tmcc said:

    my point is it helps, massivley,

    ill make one final point on this cause im sure nobody else is intersted,

    over the last 10 championship seasons, if you had a 20 goal a season striker, you had a 50% chance of promotion, if you have a 15 goal a season striker, you have a 20%, if you dont have either your chances of promotion drops 7/8% (yes i worked it out).  so your twice as likely to get promoted with a 15 goal a season striker than without, and twicw as likely to get promoted with a 20 goal a season striker compared to a 15 goal a season striker.


    I'm sorry, I think that is correlation, not causation.

    Having a 20-goal a season striker is indicative of the team working. Yes the player needs to put the chances away, but every part needs to work, a well-drilled defence, a midfield that can destroy and create and strikers that put away chances.

    I don't disagree with you, I just think you're simplifying things.

    In my view, what we need right now, is a plan, not a 20-goal a season striker.

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  6. 39 minutes ago, tmcc said:

    Also of those 11 players (not 12) with 15 goals or more,  8 played for sides that made the playoffs or got promoted. the other 3 were Karlan Grant at Hudds, Jarrod Bowen who left hull in January, Hull were in the playoffs at the time and ended up getting relegated after selling him (again highlighting the power of a good striker) and the final was Adam Armstrong  who finished 12th. 
    take away points :

    out of the top 6 sides, only 1 side WBA didn't have a 15+ a season goal scorer,

    only 2 sides that finished in the bottom half had 15+ a season goalscorer, Hull (who were in playoffs till bowen left) and Hudds

    if you want to be competitive/top half, a 15 goals+ a season is a good indicator that you will acheive this based off last seasons stats.

    Wiki says 12.

    Of those 12, 3 played for Brentford, who didn't get promoted.

    I agree it helps, but having 1 decent striker does not a promotion team make.

  7. 3 minutes ago, tmcc said:

    lol i cant be bothered to work that out, but i dont think it matters all that much, i think the fact that only 25% of promoted teams have done so without a 15+ goal a season striker is the important stat for what iv prestented.

    12 players scored 15 or more last season. 2 got promoted.  That's 17%.

    It isn't just about having a striker that puts away chances.

    It's about the team.  The AK Championship years showed us that.

  8. 28 minutes ago, tmcc said:

    no doubt a solid defense can be enough to see you up, but i think teams getting promoted without a 15 goal+ player is an expection to the rule. 
    leeds and fulham both had 1 last season

    Norwich sheffiedd and villa all a 20+ goal strikr season before
    season before that both wolves and fulham did

    16/17 newcastle and brighton

    15/16 burnley and hull both had 20+ goal scorers.

    again not saying it not possibly, but it seems as though at least about 75% of the time a promoted side had at least one player scoring 15 goals or more in a season.


    But what percentage of players scoring 15 or more, or 20 or more get promoted each year?

  9. 53 minutes ago, tmcc said:

    i mentioned ravenelli but i admit i forgot forgot ricard, but thats not really the point im trying to make,i did say i was focusing on the last 10 years in the championship as i can forgive us not having a 15 goal a season striker in the prem. so the point i was making is based off of the 10 years in the championship.

    on the players you mentioned though, the fact that that we have back over 20 years (ricard and ravanelli and 25/30 years for slaven and Hendrie to find players who acheived this illistrates the point im trying to make.

    I agree entirely.  

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