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  1. 86/87-91/92 - Bernie Slaven scored 15 or more for six seasons running, including 15 in the top flight.
  2. Premier League clubs might be more likely to loan out youngsters and pay all their wages [just so they get game time], so we may see a few more come in.
  3. That would have worked better if he wasn't called Dale Stephens.
  4. Bielsa has played 2 defensively minded midfielders alongside a dominant central defender in a back three. Some believe that the back three needs to contain two highly mobile defenders either side of a dominant in the air, yet capable of bringing the ball out type of defender... which highlights to me that it doesn't matter about formations most of the time, we just need good players. Which kind of goes back to what Robson used to say about Liverpool, but that was decades ago, so does it still apply, do good players win matches/leagues, or good managers/systems?
  5. Quite a few pages of arguments about formations, and the relative merits of fullbacks, wingbacks and wingers though.
  6. I'd prefer Coulson to Johnson, but as Johnson was given the #3 shirt and Coulson hasn't had a sniff, I can't see him getting a game on the left anytime soon. I'm happy to persevere with Spence, hopefully he can push on. I'm more concerned about having the right defenders in the back three when it comes to defensive duties. The wing-backs should be mainly concerned with providing an attacking outlet.
  7. I cannot understand why Johnson is preferred to Coulson with play like that going on.
  8. It isn't even as though we need to buy people like Murphy for millions of pounds. Mowbray found Carayol for a fraction of the cost to bring Murphy in and although it didn't work out in the end, he had one great season with us. There must be hidden gems in the lower divisions.
  9. No. --------------------------Bettinelli --------------------Wood - Fry - Hall Dijksteel - Howson - Morsy - Tavernier - Coulson -----------------Fletcher - Assombalonga LCB and CF, and ideally 2 pacy wingers but I can't see him getting any. I think we will be safer from relegation than last season, but I don't think it will be a classic. No. I have no idea what that song is.
  10. I don't understand why people think we were trying to sign him when everyone else we have been linked with has been a 6'3" lump.
  11. That's certainly not true. Some Boro fans might overrate potential signings but not all. For instance, I haven't a clue why anyone would want to sign Zohore, who appears to have had one purple patch in his career, and nothing much else worth talking about. Most of the comments on the potential signing of Sanogo were negative, with maybe a few harking back to his perceived (yet barely apparent) halcyon days.
  12. If you're the sort of person who looks at stats [I am] then no, as he has only scored double figures once in a season in his career. If you're the sort of person who doesn't look at stats, then I have no idea.
  13. Why do people think Cauley Woodrow is the main striker target, when most of the strikers we have been linked with have been much taller and less mobile? Secondly, if we are after a young, nippy striker on loan from a Premier League team, might it be Eddie Nketiah? I am not and never have been ITK.
  14. 1. Do we change the team who played against Watford? I think we will see a lot of players rested, someone said in another thread that kids would be used, but assuming 3-5-2 again... --------------------------Bettinelli ---------------Dijksteel - Fry - Wood Spence - Tavernier - Morsy - Wing - Coulson ------------------Browne ---------------------------Fletcher 2. Would you rather Boro won the Carabao Cup this season, or got promoted? Win the cup. Winning the cup will stay in the records forever, and fans will remember it for as long as they live. Promotio
  15. Sublime finish against Derby https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/highlights-and-patrick-bamfords-goal-from-middlesbroughs-1-0-win-at-derby-county-in-the-sky-bet
  16. We had 4 defenders on the bench yesterday; Fry, Wood, Coulson and Bola, and zero strikers. Do we need extra defenders on the bench?
  17. Where is the evidence that he wants to play Coulson, when he keeps picking Johnson ahead of him?
  18. And yet it was Fry dropped. Hall was not great against a league one side, did anyone expect him to cope against Watford.
  19. From previous threads today, possibly Roberts and a Premier League defender on loan.
  20. Without wanting to get into that whole discussion about Brentford's model again, they and other teams have shown that gems can be unearthed. It just needs to be done on a consistent basis. We will never be a Liverpool or Man Utd, but we can be a team that buys and sells well, and develops our academy players and sells them at a profit at the right time. Even if we make it back to the Premier League we will sell to the top clubs.
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