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  1. 18 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

    How many seasons has he played as a central defender?

    Bielsa has played 2 defensively minded midfielders alongside a dominant central defender in a back three.  Some believe that the back three needs to contain two highly mobile defenders either side of a dominant in the air, yet capable of bringing the ball out type of defender... which highlights to me that it doesn't matter about formations most of the time, we just need good players.

    Which kind of goes back to what Robson used to say about Liverpool, but that was decades ago, so does it still apply, do good players win matches/leagues, or good managers/systems?

  2. 23 minutes ago, BillyWoofs_shinpad said:

    So what is everyone’s opinion on our two wingbacks?

    Are they good enough or do we need to look at other options?

    I'd prefer Coulson to Johnson, but as Johnson was given the #3 shirt and Coulson hasn't had a sniff, I can't see him getting a game on the left anytime soon.

    I'm happy to persevere with Spence, hopefully he can push on.  

    I'm more concerned about having the right defenders in the back three when it comes to defensive duties.  The wing-backs should be mainly concerned with providing an attacking outlet.

  3. 8 minutes ago, wilsoncgp said:

    Mate, Brooks did sod all down the right and it was very little to do with Johnson. He wasn't even more disciplined, he got forward and had plenty more opportunities to cross than Spence did. And it either didn't beat the first man or it was blazed beyond the players or over the bar on one or two occasions too.

    There was a free kick we took quickly whilst a Bournemouth player complained about the foul, Johnson was entirely free, had a good 10-15 yards to take his time and pick the players out. He put it behind the goal, he didn't even get it into the box. It was abysmal. When it comes to Spence, there's clearly work to do. But to think Johnson is providing any danger to opposition teams right now is baffling to me. He's made one decent cross so far this season, against Shrewsbury for Fletcher.

    I cannot understand why Johnson is preferred to Coulson with play like that going on.

  4. On 9/16/2020 at 3:04 PM, AnglianRed said:

    - Does anyone realistically think we can beat the Cherries (and if so, can I please have some of what you're smoking)?

    - What would be your team selection and formation for this game?

    - How many more signings do we need and in what positions?

    - If we fail to strengthen further, do you think Warnock and his coaches can improve what we have?

    - Do you think we'll have any more success in the January transfer window?

    - Instead of fake crowd noise, should the stadium DJ just play Warrant's Cherry Pie on loop throughout the game?



    --------------------Wood - Fry - Hall

    Dijksteel - Howson - Morsy - Tavernier - Coulson

    -----------------Fletcher - Assombalonga


    LCB and CF, and ideally 2 pacy wingers but I can't see him getting any.

    I think we will be safer from relegation than last season, but I don't think it will be a classic.


    I have no idea what that song is.  

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  5. 18 minutes ago, Neverbefore said:

    Boro fans always over rate potential signings

    That's certainly not true. Some Boro fans might overrate potential signings but not all.  For instance, I haven't a clue why anyone would want to sign Zohore, who appears to have had one purple patch in his career, and nothing much else worth talking about.  Most of the comments on the potential signing of Sanogo were negative, with maybe a few harking back to his perceived (yet barely apparent) halcyon days.

  6. 1. Do we change the team who played against Watford?

    I think we will see a lot of players rested, someone said in another thread that kids would be used, but assuming 3-5-2 again...


    ---------------Dijksteel - Fry - Wood

    Spence - Tavernier - Morsy - Wing - Coulson



    2. Would you rather Boro won the Carabao Cup this season, or got promoted?

    Win the cup.  Winning the cup will stay in the records forever, and fans will remember it for as long as they live.  Promotions are great, but if it was a choice between the Premier League trophy and the FA Cup I'd say league every time.

    3. What's the best part of a fried breakfast?

    The most disappointing thing is bad sausages, or an egg with a solid yolk.  Best thing, good bacon.  But even bad bacon is bacon and therefore sacred.

  7. 6 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

    Would much sooner we play 4 at the back in general, but it would also leave us a lot less short in numbers defensively just by dint of having an extra defender on the bench and needing one less on the pitch.

    We'd 100% need to sign a genuine left back, but I think we could then get away with only signing one new centre back.

    We had 4 defenders on the bench yesterday; Fry, Wood, Coulson and Bola,  and zero strikers.  Do we need extra defenders on the bench?

  8. 4 minutes ago, Ruathain said:

    I think Warnock wants to strengthen the core of the team, with a couple of leaders (Hall and Morsy both captains at previous clubs) to control the flow of the game and allow the more creative players (Tav, Spence, Coulson, Wing) to express themselves and be more creative, but also have these experienced captains to tell the younger lads when they need to hold formation and when to attack. I also noticed last night the new keeper was very vocal which is good to hear. I think we are 4 players away from looking competitive playing 532 wing back formation.  Another experienced centre back, A  striker who offers something different and holds up the ball to play Britt or Fletcher in and a left and right wing back. I think with a more solid core in the team Coulson and Spence would do well as left and right wing backs. 

    Where is the evidence that he wants to play Coulson, when he keeps picking Johnson ahead of him?

  9. 10 minutes ago, Red Rocket said:

    Football has outpriced us, that's the problem. We can't buy intelligent quick players because they're more expensive. If we home grow them a bigger club will throw money at us and take them. It is depressing, honestly. Spence emerged last season and already other clubs are watching. We no longer hold that PL status that protected a small club like ours. 

    Without wanting to get into that whole discussion about Brentford's model again, they and other teams have shown that gems can be unearthed.  It just needs to be done on a consistent basis.  

    We will never be a Liverpool or Man Utd, but we can be a team that buys and sells well, and develops our academy players and sells them at a profit at the right time.

    Even if we make it back to the Premier League we will sell to the top clubs.


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