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  1. That's not being a downer CT. Plenty of us feel like this, very well-written piece.
  2. I'm aware of that. I just don't rate him. I certainly wouldn't drop Fletcher to keep him in the side.
  3. Fletcher > Assombalonga in my opinion. Other than that it's pretty much my choice too, but I doubt a Premier League defender would come here to be a back-up.
  4. I know he won't score goals because his record says he won't. He has never shown any aptitude for scoring goals on a consistent basis. The idea that a striker can go ten years without scoring goals, then move to a club and become a consistent goalscorer is nonsense in my view. Do you have any examples of players who have done that?
  5. For the last 6 years Kane has scored 21, 25, 29, 30, 17 and 18 league goals a season. I don't understand the comparison at all. In the same period Sanogo has scored 0, 3, 0, 6, 3 and 3 league goals.
  6. Hardly a similar comparison. Kane went on loan before he was 21. Pretty much since 2013/14 he has been in the Spurs team and has been really rather good. Sanogo has not had a similar history and they're about the same age.
  7. Well he did try to sign a left-back on loan from Celtic, so the voices in your head might not be psychosis.
  8. Any more info available? Age, club or favoured foot, or name even...
  9. If we do that we need a left-back, because Johnson is definitely not a left-back.
  10. Which team and formation should Neil Warnock pick? ----------------------------Bettinelli/Stojanovic ----------Djiktsteel ----------- Hall ------------------ Fry Spence -------------------- Saville/Morsy ----------------- Coulson ------------McNair ------------------------------Tavernier -------------------------Fletcher Assombalonga What will the scoreline be and who scores if any? 3-1 to Watford - Deeney hat-trick. Wing consolation from sub in 92nd minute. Will we have signed any new players before the game and will they be involved in the squad for this
  11. What date/time do we need to sign people by, in order for them to be eligible to play against Watford?
  12. True fans were still getting news from Ceefax/Teletext in 2003, wanting page 6 and turning Ceefax on at page 7.
  13. Chris Smalling was never in our academy though, so it isn't the same.
  14. If Bettinelli signs tomorrow, who do you think will start against Watford?
  15. Can we have a wazzock section? Another great word from my youth.
  16. I know he has only been linked by "Random Doyle' but I'd love Nathanial Phillips here, based only on the fact that I think his dad was a very good full-back [for us] and if he was anywhere near as good we'd have a decent player on our hands.
  17. Brighton and Palace can certainly offer him more money, but he might think he has a chance of more game time with us. #optimism
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