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  1. You would hope his dad could put in a good word if we were interested.
  2. In that interview he praised Folarin and intimated that we would play 352, is that right? Where would Folarin play in that formation?
  3. Britt has never scored more than 15 goals in a season in the Championship. He has scored more than 15 in a season once in his career, in League One.
  4. Spence definitely started - The Boro striker then headed over from Djed Spence’s cross, but was on target after just seven minutes when he outmuscled his marker and coolly slotted away.
  5. Which team and formation? --------------------------------Stoj --------------Stubbs ------ Hall ---- Fry Spence -----Howson - Liddle - Coulson -------------------------Tavernier -----------------Fletcher - Assombalonga Pears - Dijksteel - Wood - Malley - Johnson - Wing - Walker Will we sign anymore players before kick off? (lol) No Will Changing Times continue his nice boy streak? Who? Can we win? Yes. How far can we go in this cup? We can beat this team, that's as far as I am willing to predict.
  6. I think he was saying that supporters will be back at matches by then, so the club will have the extra income from fans attending matches.
  7. It was a reference to Alan Hansen. 1995. Maybe you're both too young. Modern references for the kids of today and all that.
  8. Barnsley, Birmingham, Luton and Huddersfield all finished below us, three of them have signed 1 player and Birmingham have signed 4. The transfer window still has a few weeks to go yet.
  9. Can you show me some actual links to Shankland - I thought the link to him was from the troll.
  10. I'd love us to sign Shankland, but I was comparing him to people we have actually been linked to like Ross Stewart
  11. He's got a fairly similar record to most of the players we have been linked with recently. If he was Scottish and had never played for Boro we'd be just as enthusiastic about him as Ross whatisface from Ross County.
  12. Whereas Shankland has 74 in 87 in his last 3 full seasons. He has to be worth a proper look.
  13. I was merely stating that players can and have made the step up. But for every Jamie Vardy or Bernie Slaven even, there will be ten Chris Freestones.
  14. 17 of those games were for Aberdeen 5-6 years ago. He's only played 1 so far this season according to Wiki.
  15. The camerawork is terrible. The defending is awful. Some of the finishing is excellent.
  16. He scores a lot of goals in Scotland if Wiki is accurate. The New Bernie?
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