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  1. 2 minutes ago, Jamie-H said:

    4) Britt. This league has showed many times over the years if a striker can produce over 20 goals in a decent team that's an edge that can lift a whole team up a division, Britt was bought on this premise and while he's returned decent figures if he can have an extra gear this year and stay fit he could be a difference maker.

    Britt has never scored more than 15 goals in a season in the Championship.  He has scored more than 15 in a season once in his career, in League One.

  2. Which team and formation?


    --------------Stubbs ------ Hall ---- Fry

    Spence -----Howson - Liddle - Coulson


    -----------------Fletcher - Assombalonga


    Pears - Dijksteel - Wood - Malley - Johnson - Wing - Walker

    Will we sign anymore players before kick off? (lol)


    Will Changing Times continue his nice boy streak?


    Can we win?


    How far can we go in this cup?

    We can beat this team, that's as far as I am willing to predict.


  3. 58 minutes ago, tmcc said:

    seen alot of post of people saying "dont worry most clubs arnt signing people", here the problem with that.  we have the joint smallest squad in the championship, only level with wycombe, and heres why our situation is worse, of the  20 players in the squad, 9  are 22 years old or younger. in fact were the 3rd youngest squad in the championship.

    So were not only the smallest squad in the league, but also one of the youngest, add to this the fact we barely survived relegation last season and were one of the lowest scoring teams. we've lost 9 players who were in an around the first team and brought in one. From my prospective the outlook is pretty worrying.

     finally, all though i agree all clubs are in the same situation and struggling in the market currently,, the situation and set up differs from club to club, and i dont think theres a club in the league in worse situation than Middlesbrough right now, couple this with our poor track record of signings over the last few seasons and i see no cause for optimism. 


    You never win anything with kids.

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  4. 2 hours ago, tmcc said:

    id counter this by saying how many other squads barely survived relegation last season with a thin squad, and have lost 5/6 senior players this summer while only bringing in one replacement?  i dont know the answer but i  assume not many, and for me, thats the real worry of this transfer window. 

    Barnsley, Birmingham, Luton and Huddersfield all finished below us, three of them have signed 1 player and Birmingham have signed 4.  The transfer window still has a few weeks to go yet.

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