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  1. I would rather we signed a CB on loan for a year than Sol Bamba, someone like Cameron Carter-Vickers or Filip Benkovic who we have been linked with in the past. Maybe we can't afford the loan fees though.
  2. The signing on fee and especially the image rights are to do with tax "management". The image rights example no longer works - see Glasgow Rangers court case. Image rights are probably relevant for players like Messi and Ronaldo, but how much would Grant Hall make from it for instance...
  3. He describes himself as a box-to-box midfielder. The one area of the squad we really don't need to prioritise.
  4. 4 wins and 4 losses - 12 from 24 = 1.5 points per game. Over 46 games that's 69 points, usually just shy of a play-off spot.
  5. You'd probably have a hard time running that past a tax inspector with regard to Ben's wages.
  6. Second highest number of tackles last season https://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/7/Seasons/7840/Stages/17629/PlayerStatistics/England-Championship-2019-2020 Highest number of fouls.
  7. I wonder if maybe, we could judge the transfer window at the end of the window, rather than deciding right now that we are going to be relegated because we have only signed one player, when there are weeks and weeks left and really nobody on here knows for certain who Warnock wants to sign.
  8. In all honesty I wasn't impressed by Williams' stats. If we after a DCM, Stewart's defensive stats look far superior. If he was supposed to be an attacking midfielder he doesn't score or assist as much and wouldn't be an improvement on what we have. IMO.
  9. Our best spell was when more kids were playing than usual, the likes of Spence, Coulson, Tavernier and Fletch, and I'd build the tea around them next season.
  10. Is there anywhere on the MFC website or elsewhere to see how many games he has played for the U23s with goals and assists? I've been on but I can't see anything obvious.
  11. Is Williams a defensive midfielder, because he doesn't seem to score or assist very often?
  12. Wiki says Andy Robertson is 5'10" and Coulson is 5'11". Transfermarkt says Hayden is shorter, but is that old data?
  13. He only played 6 games according to Wiki. 2 assists and 1 goal in 6 games. Across a whole season that's 15 assists and 8 goals. I doubt he would manage a whole season, but still...
  14. Savile scored 10 in 44 in 17/18 - so he could be the box-to-box goal scoring midfielder we need if played correctly. McNair scored 5 in 16 in 17/18 - so he could also be the goalscoring midfielder we need if played correctly. What we don't have is the Championship Kante - someone who destroys and sits in front of the defence. What we absolutely need are wingers, preferably with pace, preferably wingers who both score and assist - Murphy would be an excellent start.
  15. Is that your opinion or fact? Also he's 30, so he won't have much sell-on value when Warnock leaves.
  16. Agreed, we probably need another CB and DCM, then we need 2 wingers capable of scoring and/or assisting 10+ goals a season. Murphy would be a start - then one more like him. I'm not a fan of Britt, but he and Fletcher are okay at this level. I'd be happy for us to give the current fullbacks a go under Warnock, but as he tried for a left-back [from Celtic] it seems Bola won't be given a chance.
  17. Obviously this isn't the right thread for this sort of discussion, but the idea of Ozil just sitting there draining the club of resources whilst not playing makes me wonder once again why we have transfer fees. I can't think of another industry that does this, if an accountant wanted to move from PWC to Deloitte's he'd just hand in his notice. Why are footballers assets? To stop them moving during the season you could just say that a player cannot play for more than x teams a season [which we already have I believe]. If there were no transfer fees and the ridiculous contracts that go hand
  18. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/107846/Show/Kevin-Stewart https://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/7/Seasons/7840/Stages/17629/PlayerStatistics/England-Championship-2019-2020
  19. Liverpool keep buying players from relegated teams. It is possible to get good players from bad teams.
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