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  1. I'm not sure I completely agree with the above. I know we are not Liverpool, but Warnock has stated that he wants to play 433. Liverpool's fullbacks, Alexander-Arnold and Roberson got 13 and 12 assists respectively last season, and that's the kind of input you need from fullbacks in a 433. The DCM provides cover for attacking fullbacks. Or should do. Yes I get that those two full-backs exceptional...
  2. Can we afford him? This is from Wiki - Aberdeen rejected an offer of £3.5 million for McKenna from Celtic in August 2018.[11] Later in August, Aberdeen rejected a larger offer from Aston Villa.[12] During the summer 2019 transfer window, Aberdeen rejected offers from Queens Park Rangers and Nottingham Forest for McKenna after he handed in a transfer request.[13]
  3. Grant Hall has managed 30+ games in only 3 seasons in his career, and another season of 27 games. So we probably need another 2 CBs. Why has he managed so few games at 28?
  4. I don't disagree with you, which is why I posed the stats without comment. I'm wary of recommending or commenting on anyone in our current position. I've looked at players I thought we should go for [on loan], like Grady Diangana, who did well with West Brom last season, but he is being linked with moves to Prem clubs for prices that stagger me. There must be academy players in Prem teams who can do the sme though, some hidden Brewsters and Wilsons... We just need to avoid the Nmechas.
  5. The update is also on the first page and is being kept relatively up to date - every couple of days or so.
  6. I'd rather nip in and steal Freddie Woodman from Swansea - they're about to renew his loan from Newcastle.
  7. Could it be that Warnock doesn't want a Britt type player leading the line next season?
  8. Britt has NEVER scored more than 15 goals in the Championship.
  9. It doesn't make any sense to me that they want to concentrate on the Champions League before releasing people, as they have just signed 2 players [Ake and Torres] for about £60m. They will almost certainly be part of the 25-man squad next season, further pushing Roberts out of the picture. Why can they concentrate on incomings but not outgoings of peripheral figures? Could it be another team and another reason to wait until the 25th?
  10. Freddie Woodman - GK - Newcastle - Loan Mads Andersen - CB - Barnsley - Danish Kristian Pedersen - LB - Birmingham - Danish Scott Hogan - Forward - Villa - Loan Jonathan Swift - CM - Reading - assists and stuff Will that do CT?
  11. He's not going to have a decent year though, he has never scored more than 15 league goals in the Championship. He's only managed more than 15 once, in League One. He'll never be good enough for a team hopeful of promotion. In my opinion. If he brought anything else to the team apart from goals it would be a different matter, but he rarely does.
  12. Well Gareth Bale was a left-back at the start of his Tottenham career - maybe Coulson could play LW.
  13. It might save a few people reading 6 pages on the relative merits of Lewis Wing.
  14. Can we all do this, and can you start a thread for it? Can I say more than one person, can we just name players we expected to be good before they arrived who didn't let us down?
  15. How many keepers do you know that don't have a mistake in them?
  16. Leeds were the best team in the Championship this this season.
  17. I think Mowbray would have stayed longer. He was here at the wrong time. I wonder what he would have done with Monk's money.
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