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  1. :D come on, at that level. its nothing like that is it. i think we see more chance of getting a player with a better attitude from lower leagues/none league. its pointless keeping top coaches for the kids if they are more interested in fifa. get these rough diamonds in and polish them up. talent is nothing without the right attitude to go with it.
  2. Boro line up Pears, Convery, McGoldrick, Renton, Coulson (Cook), J Wilson (Reading), Jowers (Lambert), Liddle, Tavernier, Curry (J. Wilson), Hetherington (O'Neill). Unused: James (GK), Guru, Holdsworth.
  3. Boro came from 0-2 down to win 4-2! Mitchell Curry with his 26th and 27th this season. Ben Liddle with a brace as well Images can be found Here
  4. Middlesbrough Squad. Pears, James. Cook, Convery, Renton, Reading, McGoldrick, Guru, O'Neill, Liddle, Tavernier, Holdsworth, Lambert, Matty Wilson, Jay Wilson, Curry, Jowers, Heatherington. Coulson registered did not travel.
  5. Middlesbrough played Thornaby in the North Riding Senior Cup semi-final after the pitch was given a check and mark of approval by the FA after heavy downpours on Wednesday. Thornaby have a few Middlesbrough links, they’re managed by Paul Edwards whose two sons came through the Academy system, Kieran a former England U16 captains the Thornaby side and Curtis plays in Sweden now. Former Boro academy players Rocky Andrews and Theo Furness were also selected whilst Nathan Porritt and Jason Honeyman have made appearances for the side early in the season. The pitch despite being passed fit w
  6. Middlesbrough U19s play Queretaro on Sunday March 20th and Fluminense on Monday 21st Its a large prestigious competition and its Boro's first time there http://www.dallascup.com/home/893242.html Hearing the side will be different from the U19s that played in the UEFA youth League though which is a big shame.
  7. I'm not sure where yourself and others get the idea that the old reserve league was full of 'better players' or as others think it was full of 'experienced professionals' it wasnt. Look back 5 years in the Boro reserves/U21s youth forum on this website. I did a few reports back then. Boro vs S***horpe - Ripley, Pilatos, Oliver, Hines, Reach, Luke Williams, Smallwood, Thomson, Fowler, Halliday, Main, Subs Brobbel, Atkinson, Jackson, Wyke, Coddington. Only really experienced professional in the Boro line up was Thomson. S***horpe had a very young side that night. Looking at the other ga
  8. They probably have not because the class of 92 are a one off once in a lifetime group. But they have it right they have had a academy grown player in their match day side every game for the last 3000+ i believe
  9. Wilson Kneeshaw was released and went to romania, came back signed for Darlington and recently for Blyth where he scored 5 in a game. Bruno Pilatos has run in after run in after run in with the club, and seemed to have got it all behind him and was playing really well for the club at right back. Dont know what happened but he was released during the season a few years back. Ended up in the northern league like so many do.
  10. We have some who do that but its slowed down over the last few years for sure. Going from our Golden generation to now....so the last what 15 years? (Gibsons year was the best year in a long long time and that shows. 2001-02 Andrew Davies – Ross County Chris Brunt – WBA Ross Turnbull – Leeds Danny Graham – Sunderland (Blackburn) Niklas Nordgren – Sölvesborgs Paul Harvey – Jonathan Cooper – Andrew O'Shea – Allan Neill – Alan Harrison ¬– 2002-03 Anthony Peacock – Spennymoor James Morrison – WBA Andrew Taylor – Wigan Tony McMahon – Bradford Gary
  11. But is having them out on loan a sign that the academy is working? What if everyone of those loaned out drop out of professional football? Short term picture doesnt always reflect the longer term one. Even if you count those with a contract it's quite high If playing for your first team is the measure then man city. ***nal. Liverpool. Chelsea etc have all got failed academies I go off the quote i posted on the last page for what my measure is. PLaying forst team football at a specific club is not the measure.
  12. But is having them out on loan a sign that the academy is working? What if everyone of those loaned out drop out of professional football? Short term picture doesnt always reflect the longer term one.
  13. Thing is its not just about talent, its about opportunity, its about luck, its about injuries. Chapman is a very very special young man. One of the best kids ive seen at this level ever. But he has got years ahead of him, growth, women, beer, many many things that can take him off the path that could lead him to the top. So i wont add to the pressure and say anything on how good he COULD be. How good is he now? I'd have him on the bench for the first team instead of De Pena as he can change a game. Regarding Gibson, ive watched him at U18 level, watched his reserve debut at Hartlepool
  14. I think the best way to respond to this is to offer up a quote from someone more intelligent than I.
  15. Yeah slightly less blunt than my response that didnt post. You know its quite hard knowing things and not tying them.
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