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  1. It's madness to have people just running after specific players wherever they go.

    I noticed that quite a lot last night, particularly when QPR were in our RB position. It looked like all the defenders set off on some mad ball watching rush. However, as most people have said, the problem was midfield. After about 20 minutes of the match I could see this coming because QPR were just streaming through at will. Remind me why George Saville was sold

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  2. Adrian was fine for most of the time he was at West Ham (I have to declare an interest here because I am a West Ham fan as well). Liverpool must have seen something in him or they wouldn't have bought him. Good choice I would say

  3. 12 hours ago, TLF10 said:

    Are there any decent GKs out there we could get on a free or a season loan?

    I notice Hennessey at Palace is out of contract in summer as is Weatwood at Sheff Wed. Not suggesting we go for either but other than them two no real names jump out to me. 

    The Blackburn goalie didn't play on Wednesday night, maybe we could get him. Oh wait..

  4. "Spence gave a great impersonation of a Now TV Stick, great when connected but prone to losing signal and dropping out."


    Glad it's not just me then! Particularly prone to dropping out if I put the microwave on - have to remember to make my cuppa at half time 😀 Not likely to improve but Spence probably will

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  5. 18 hours ago, Oslo_Syd said:



    And if you want the latest, no-BS updates on the world statistics, this is the place to go (not HM Govt): https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR0CMcYJhjRFqOP0buYKA3TZLMCENXssRFt8oqcdSC6KOe5NnBrL4DOzUOA


    Stay safe.

    As no-one knows how many people have had it (because not everyone has been tested or admitted to hospital) it is impossible to prove the mortality rate. I wouldn't mind betting it is considerably lower than 3%. We have become frightened of our own shadow. Going out is a horrible experience - not because I fear catching the virus because I genuinely don't the way we are living now but because human interaction has become a thing to be feared and avoided at all costs. I get that the Government had to ramp up the rhetoric to get people to comply with the lockdown measures, and I don't doubt that this has kept the disease under control, but how you get people to return to normality when they are so fearful is going to be almost as big a challenge as getting them to where we are now

  6. Jimmy, you can't take direct messages apparently. My query is, if I have no symptoms (so I'm not coughing or sneezing) why can't dentists see me? They always wear masks and gloves anyway. It's one more stress in a very stressful situation


  7. On 4/24/2020 at 10:42 AM, BillyWoofs_shinpad said:

    I do find it strange that there is no effective opposition in the USA. 

    You have to remember that politics over there is quite different. The President doesn't "belong" to the party in the same way that our Prime Minister does. He is elected separately and stands apart, although he has to govern in conjunction with Congress. Currently the House of Representatives is controlled by the Democrats and the Senate by the Republicans.  In Obama's second term both parts of Congress were controlled by the Republicans, which is why he got nothing done other than through his executive orders (which Trump has spent four years reversing). The mystery to me is why the Republicans seem content to let Trump stand again in the next presidential election. He carries so much baggage there is a distinct possibility that he will lose, and they also may lose some of their seats in Congress (some of them are up for re-election at the same time) as collateral damage

  8. 10 hours ago, Downsouth said:

    Is there anyone else totally bemused by the behaviour and leadership skills portrayed by Donald Trump?

    He's completely out of his depth and pig ignorant. Not as bad as the President of Brazil however

  9. 3 hours ago, RiseAgainst said:

    I know lots of people who (almost certainly) have/have had Coronavirus but haven't been tested, including myself, my wife, my wife's friend and her husband, two separate clients of my business, neighbours...the list goes on. None of us are currently included in the official statistics, which is hugely diminishing their accuracy and relevance. Once these long-awaited home testing tests finally start arriving en masse, statisticians will be able to make accurate calculations for the first time.

    On another note, if Boris, Prince Charles and other high-profile people make a swift recovery, it'll hopefully calm some of the panic among people who haven't caught the virus yet. It might even encourage the powers that be to start partially lifting the lockdown. Keep mass gatherings off the menu, no professional sports, no nightclubs or concerts, but maybe re-open some outdoor facilities like play parks and let people visit friends providing everyone stays indoors.

    That was exactly my thoughts as well 

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  10. "Italy has been an outlier almost from the moment it arrived there.  It turns out (according to one of the sky news app stories) that in Italy if you have the virus and die, they record it as being death by the virus even if you die of something else"

    Well said and I don't think the media emphasise this enough. but then their job is to create clickbait.  I read yesterday that an 18 year old had died here and then today I read that, yes, he had the virus but he didn't die from it. There is a difference

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  11. 3 hours ago, AnglianRed said:

    Well, cheat or not, I just see it as another example of a former Boro player, who was average or poor for us, doing well at another team.

    Does make you wonder, given the number of managers & coaching staff we've been through in the last 10 years or so, why we seem to struggle to get many players to perform consistently well.


    To be fair Bamford has not done well at any other club he's been at. I wouldn't say he was poor at Boro either but it always looked like there was an "attitude" which rubbed his coaches up the wrong way

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