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  1. No source, just saw something saying he’s being called back to Chelsea. Would do a job for us as wing back or winger but yes I think you’re right about £ sadly. I know we’ve been in for him a couple of times in the past.
  2. Sure we have been linked to Isaac Success before
  3. Unrelated I know but any of the ITkers heard anything about boro being scanned for Fifa 20? Heard a rumour EFL teams had been scanned and was hoping it was true
  4. I lived in Charlton for a few years. I wouldn’t say it’s a downgrade to move up here at all!
  5. Have to be careful judging players off YouTube highlights. I remember getting super excited over this... https://youtu.be/GHDCoeDX7Es
  6. No just fits the bill, was rumoured available for about 2mil.. young, hungry
  7. I thought Moses Odubajo was out of contract and wouldn’t have minded a punt on him for RB. Seems pacey when I’ve seen him and sure he was in the England youth set ups
  8. Tomlin to sign on Friday with nsue and Kike to follow next week
  9. I thought this was a place for transfer rumours? Nothing worse then having to scroll past lots of immature arguments to get to the topic
  10. Might be wrong but feel like he was more of a ‘Pulis signing’ anyway
  11. Now we have a new manager and hopefully new ideas, where did it all go wrong for Pulis. I read an article the other day on Pulis training and style and it made a lot of sense and maybe highlighted why our time under him went the way it did. The article talked about him using a gruelling pre season to get the players super fit.... for them to reach their target of points as quick as possible. I can see why this would work in the premier league as his teams would achieve the magic points total then take their foot off the gas once safe. When going for promotion though you need to keep it going all season. Could this be why we started well but then trailed off? also listening to Peter Crouch talking about his training methods he spoke about him training the defensive players and midfield in a defensive unit, and the attacking players were left pretty much to train on their own. if this is the case it would explain why we were solid, yet when we got possession seemed to not know what to do between defence and attack. I was actually optimistic when we appointed Pulis as always liked how honest he seemed in interviews at other clubs. I guess we kind of got that here. Heres hoping for a better period under Woodgate
  12. I was told the job was Neville’s no one else
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