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  1. Warnock says we missed out on one this week due to wage demands
  2. Some strange viewpoints on here wanting us to loose! I get you may not like Warnock but while he’s here surely back us and want us to win? If we were wanting to go in a different direction then we shouldn’t have renewed Warnock for another season BUT we have. So then surely we back him and the club back him to play his way and sign his players that will work for him. No point getting him to stay a season and targeting promotion or play offs and sign players for a manager and plan we don’t have yet. Payero etc may have been signed with the future in mind and if so then that’s what they may have
  3. Have also seen the comments from Warnock in regards to Payero and Lea-Siliki and don’t think there’s too much in it. Certainly don’t think he’s saying he hasn’t nt been able to pick his team or forced to pick anyone. Think it’s as simple as he wanted to play them but has realised they aren’t up to speed or fitness and is playing players who area ahead of them.
  4. He did mention that he had some things going on at home so maybe his head hasn’t been in the right place for a couple of weeks
  5. Think they will have a word about it in the dressing room. He does seem like a firery character
  6. Great result and performance. All I ask for is a battling performance for 90 mins and got just that. Battled and showed effort all over the pitch, always chasing and pressing. Well done tonight but keep it up!! Bamba was great and Lumley much better tonight too.
  7. Yea I know you’re right. Think the anger is just starting to bubble. Was already so optimistic for the new season. Had a good clear out and some good signings. Then the Scott news which in my opinion is what we’ve needed for a while. Then the season starts and it just isn’t going well at all. I know it is early and league is still pretty tight so let’s see what happens over next few weeks
  8. Doesn’t matter where you’ve come from you should be able to make a simple pass. Was a time yesterday he had an easy ball to Bola (I think it was) when he just came on and completely misplaced it. I’ve seen my 5 year old make a pass like that
  9. I hope Siliki isn’t a sign of things to come from Scott, haven’t seen him make a decent pass yet always loosing the ball
  10. Feel so low already and was so optimistic for the season. Don’t seem to know what to do with the ball when we have it and when we don’t have it we seem to just chase without winning it back. Olusanya looks Sunday league to me and don’t think I’ve seen Lea-Siliki make a decent pass yet. don’t know the way forward. Boggles at times. At Blackburn we played some lovely football, OK we didn’t win but if we are capable of that, what the hell are we doing!
  11. Trying to stay positive. lots of new players having to gel, some aren’t up to match fitness yet. We are only actually 4 points off the play offs. we lost to Blackpool who did also beat Fulham, who I think are going to win the league comfortably. lots of games left to turn the season round.. but needs to happen sooner rather then later
  12. Warnock said he was going to but thought he had started to influence the game, also said we didn’t have enough cover for fullbacks, hence the question why loan out Coulson and Spence without players lined up. semed a bit blasé to me in the interview saying we can beat anyone in the league... if that’s the case why aren’t we winking every week.
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