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  1. Wouldn’t mind Bony to be fair as a different option til end of season
  2. Now the window is over... any ITK have any gossip of who we missed out on, who we were close to signing, who was close to leaving/offers declined etc?
  3. Hope he’s good and this isn’t a Mersons brother kind of signing
  4. Think still having Britt is a good thing. Maybe we could have used his wages on another loan but happy with what we’ve got (if the two lads can get up to fitness quickly) if he is playing for a new deal or to put himself in the window it could benefit us. Any news on Fletcher contract, saw someone posting as if it was happening earlier? Or was that based on Britt leaving?
  5. If it doesn’t happen we keep Britt who may fire us to the play offs and we have bolasie and fisher so better off then before the window. So not the end of the world
  6. Can’t blame him on wanting to wait it out and see who’s interested in summer if he isn’t that set on Bristol
  7. Manager? Or just a coach under a manager ? 🤷‍♂️
  8. As long as Warnock and the club know what happened and are ok with it I suppose that’s fine. I would worry he could disrupt what is always referred to as such a good team spirit and dressing room but again it’s all speculation, he may be a good guy and character and NW knows him already so would know this.
  9. Feel like it should be addressed maybe what it was to get a clean slate though?
  10. I’m sure there was talk of him being a dealer and some assault and something about smashing a car up? All rumours of course but doesn’t sound great
  11. I don’t really get all the Britt hate apart from him being on massive wages which isn’t his fault. I do think we are a better team when he plays, just an opinion don’t shoot me!
  12. I don’t think so, could be wrong but I think if he was ‘injured’ and about to be sold think they would have stated a minor injury not surgery to an ‘intimate area’
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