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  1. He did say last season after all we needed more 27+ players with championship experience. Doesn’t sound like the South American’s to me
  2. I don’t get it. Why appoint Warnock, ask him for advice and then go against it and try sign your own players or players he isn’t really wanting. Makes no sense! I read it as that too, That because we have been getting messed about waiting for Muniz, that some other options have now gone. Delap maybe, has he gone elsewhere now?
  3. Bola and Tav bids accepted and both be gone by Sunday.. just making it up but can you imagine!!
  4. I’d think there would be a point where we move in if it drags on.
  5. I’d be happy with GK either better then Lumley or cover LB cover CB cover to allow Wood out on loan CM - none if we sign P. And keep what we have LM/RM need cover here, still rumours of Hoillett ST - need another plus young backup
  6. My worry is now other clubs we are negotiating with will think Oh boro have money to spend now, let’s up our value.
  7. Yea I feel like they playing us off against each other or making things up to push both clubs up who knows, hope we’re wise enough to say enough is enough before it gets too ridiculous or goes on too long.
  8. Yea this is what I’ve been saying even about Payero. Fans screaming for them but what do we actually know about them to be spending so much?! IF they turn out great then that’s amazing and of course I’d be over the moon but didn’t think we had the funds to be gambling with so much money at the moment. Seems to be two different transfer plans, one let’s find out of contract or lower fee players from ‘smaller’ clubs. Two, ah let’s have a go they might turn out to be world class so let’s spend 6million.
  9. Same, I’m worried where we have all this money from all of a sudden, and if it could be spent more wisely on proven players
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