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  1. With the GK situation I can see why fans are moaning about not signing a permanent keeper but maybe the keepers we want are out of reach right now (seems Wilder would love Henderson back for example but not going to happen right now) so a loan makes sense.. try to get to the Prem and then pay the money for a top keeper or hope one is out of contract at the end of this season.
  2. I know this isn’t anything to go by but hear me out… so in Fifa I always used to sign Steffen for my GK.. after a while I was surprised to see Man City linked with him as he was from the MLS so I did a bit of reading up on him at the time of the city link and he seemed to be very highly regarded/promising younger keeper. I know he hasn’t played a lot and I know fifa isn’t anything to go off but like I say, articles I read at the time seemed to be hyping him up so you never know he may be a shrewd bit of business.
  3. I like Bola. Just read the article about Wilder putting bombs under a few players and see if they came back and changed his mind. Wonder if Bola would fall into this category.
  4. Imagine at the end of the season when McGoldrick is our top scorer 😂
  5. There’s been a few strikers over the years that have done that but doesn’t mean they can do it every game to every defence and that we should sign them. Rhodes looked good against us at the end of the season but we aren’t crying out to resign him. And we also need to create more for them to score in our team. Having said that I’d like to see him In a boro shirt and hopefully if we do sign him, it will work out well
  6. Imagine selling Jones for £20million and telling Spence we aren’t selling him any more 😂
  7. Scouting department: we’ve found you a good player perfect fit for the team. Wilder: is he from ROI scout: yes Wilder: sign him up
  8. Would people be happy to sell Jones and Spence for say £30 million and bring in someone like Stacey for 5 plus Gyokeres, Gayle and Armstrong
  9. This… although the player may not be worth that much… It depends what he is worth to the selling club.
  10. Maybe McGoldrick is coming in as some kind of striker coach 🤞🏻
  11. Can see Crooks making a run into the box when Giles gets on the ball
  12. Just wanted to see how many of the signings I suggested we have now been linked with 😂
  13. Is there any way of looking at all of your old posts not just some?
  14. No I’m not at the panic stage either.. ok if it’s deadline day and our squad is short on quality and quantity then I might have a moan but I’m enjoying the speculation this year and at least being linked to some decent players
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