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  1. Dike out for a couple of months is he not. Might be something in it but may also be just a lazy link
  2. What do people think about the January signings and targets. Are they Scotts or Wilders?
  3. I think is it not because he doesn’t count in the registered squad numbers because of his age? So bringing him back and letting stojanovic go frees up a space in the squad for new signings
  4. Seems to be going for the McClaren ‘let’s just throw all our forwards on’ tactic. Doesn’t always work. We seemed to be going direct at points and expecting the two forwards to do what Uche would have done perfectly well.
  5. I know it’s a bit of an overreaction after one game but I hope it’s not similar to last January where we bought ‘improvements’ but the wheels came off a bit. Seen nothing from Connolly to suggest he’s any better or different to Watmore yet. Hendricks link is a strange one. Maybe Payero to be loaned out and Hendricks warns our bench rather then have our asset sat not playing 🤷‍♂️
  6. Think we missed Watmore personally. I know a lot on here said he isn’t good enough but I feel like we missed his pressing and hard work
  7. I would take Begovic til end of the season just for his experience
  8. Dont see the issue with the Warnock signings. All were short term signings at low fee for that reason… Warnock was only here short term and that was always the plan. We signed minimum we could to help him do what he needed to do and didn’t sign anyone on big money or for big fee that we couldn’t shift or let contract run down after he left. He already commented on the fact we wouldn’t sign some players that he wanted and this tells me that the bigger picture was still planned for while he was here and we were holding back for the long term (Wilder). At the end of the season the likes of Bamba,
  9. Could well be.. but doesn’t mean that’s the case. He may not have wanted to stay there for example. Or may have preferred to come here then to sign a new contract. Whatever he is on though I think we should move him on. And another free signing so would be a nice profit whatever he goes for
  10. He might be on relatively low wages and seen as a good option to have in reserve
  11. fancy Browne to Sunderland. Don’t have any info just feel like it might happen
  12. The amount of coverage Boro get on the sky EFL podcast is laughable. They just brush over us so quickly while waxing lyrical about Blackburns form. Mind I’d rather us sneak under the radar.
  13. I’d sign him for that but would only need him if Tav is off
  14. Ideal scenario…. Cooper goes to Everton and buys Spence for 20million. Forests form drops.
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