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  1. He may be referring to Brighton and Bournemouth to be fair
  2. Think like most strikers we sign, we didn’t set up to play to his strengths and then expect them to change their game and still score a bag full. Assombalonga for example I feel would have done well in this wilder team with a partner beside him and Jones playing balls along the floor but we never really did that in his time here. Personally I wouldn’t mind Rhodes as a bench option and playing in a two.
  3. I might join our scouting team. Gibbo and Rhodes thumbs up, here are a few suggestions I think may be good- bit left field. Dimi - unattached Ayala - Blackburn Friend - Birmingham Clayton - Doncaster Forshaw - Leeds Carayol - Gillingham Adomah - QPR Kike - Osasuna Stuani - Girona
  4. Just mean if we buying Gibbo that’s half the Spence money
  5. Feel like Gibson has been nailed on coming back for the last few windows so until I see him posing with the shirt I think I’ll take it with a pinch of salt.
  6. They signed him same time we were after a loan deal for him if I remember right? gerrard went there and signed him on a permanent and pipped is to him
  7. To be fair we could probably get £3 million off his fee
  8. Recon it might be some kind of redesign of the first kit they did for us.
  9. To be honest when Wilder mentioned a surprise, I did wonder if it might have been selling Jones that would be the shock. I know he has potential but feel like really he had a good 2/3 of a season and went off the boil towards the end. Purely speculating but Wilder also mentioned attitude over ability. Maybe his attitude isn’t right or he started to believe his own hype and performances suffered. Again purely speculation. But nothing to suggest that Jones will be as good next season or if he has just burst onto the scene. We did say we would plan to pick up gems and sell them on for large profi
  10. Watching highlights seems to have a good long pass to his game
  11. didn’t think he was great against us but if he’s in team of the year he must be ok 🤷‍♂️ Will make a good Irish partnership with Clark 😂
  12. Need to be targeting a younger LCB for me. If we go for Clark I’d like to see us get a younger one too for the future
  13. Thinking of Jones being a winger and converting to RWB.. has Chong played as a LWB before? Looked class at Birmingham last year.
  14. What a waste if so.. not just the fee you have to factor in travelling over there to complete the deal etc
  15. Haven’t really seen much of Mawson at Fulham to be honest just remember him when he came onto the scene and was talked up for England etc. Might come under the hungry with something to prove. On another note while typing hungry my autocorrect changed it to ginger 😂
  16. Sam Johnstone Alfie Mawson Harry Toffolo John Swift Joe Rothwell Josh Bowler all announced next week… can dream right 😂
  17. Would be a good boost to the end of the season if we did announce 2-3 good free agent signings wouldn’t it.
  18. Definitely a player in there. Would keep unless we get a silly offer, I know there was talk of Inter and others interested? Probably end up going there and being immense
  19. What crap have I thrown exactly? Just a rumour based on what a journalist down there said back in January that we had talks about signing him.
  20. Is Nakhi Wells out of contract this summer? If so wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a boro shirt next season. Wasn’t there talk of us after him in Jan
  21. What’s Izzy Brown been like lately? Always looked promising
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