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  1. Did he not play either as a striker or off the striker for Oxford in his best spell?
  2. Although I don’t think we’ve been great in either game. Two good goalkeeping performances, if it wasn’t for them could have been very different. Could have been looking at two high scoring games. Trying to look at positives 😂
  3. Yea that’s not the point I was making. Was saying I think we’ve done ok In not spending or allowing Warnock to spend on players that wouldn’t suit our next manager so shouldn’t struggle financially with what he did bring in.
  4. Didn’t say we would get much for them. Just saying the majority cost nothing so we’re in a good position. Rather then spending £15 mil on Britt say and loosing him for nothing
  5. Yea let’s just hope this is the master plan talked about before Woodgate actually taking shape and Wilder has a few good years to build, but sticking to an overall philosophy and plan
  6. I hear you but you can also look at it the other way. We didn’t spend a lot in the summer. The two keepers came on a free if I remember rightly so even if we sold them both we have made a profit. One striker has been loaned in, and the other for not very much. Spent about 8 mill on 13 players (one of them costing more then half of the 8 mil) so I just look at it like this. We tried to give Warnock the bare minimum to succeed his way and if it didn’t work then financially we are still OK to fund the next man in. And aren’t stuck with a load of players that are no good. You’d think Bamba (who I
  7. I think with all injuries back and a proper RWB we won’t be too bad. Need another striker tho as don’t think Ikpeazu will suit the way we wanting to play now
  8. For me it’s as simple as not playing players where they have played best. Watmore for example when playing wide was one of our best players and then was moved central towards end of last season and his form dipped. Hasn’t really been the same since. Jones started season amazingly wide left and hasn’t really played there since Hernandez came in. (Who for me hasn’t set the world alight as expected) Howsons best games this season have been at RB yet has played mostly in the middle. for me I’d probably go with something like Lumley Howson Bamba McNair Peltier (Bola when fit)
  9. I’m sure we employed two fitness coaches in the summer. I have commented on this before and asked what they are doing as we don’t seem as fit as we can be and also things like the players skipping breakfast etc that has been commented on. Does that not come under fitness and conditioning?
  10. Missed the interview. Went for a 💩… probably more interesting
  11. Yea so think we had nothing else in midfield tho. Howson has looked better at RB lately
  12. He was blocked off getting to his man. One of those things. The bigger crime is conceding so quickly afterwards again. Thought Crooks did all he could all game but was more or less a one man midfield.
  13. Changing line up and formation most games won’t help. And playing two wingers as wingbacks doesn’t work for me. Jones was way better start of the season as an attacking wide player. Why hinder that by asking him to do more defensive duties. I wonder how many games we’ve had a set lineup for? Maybe the 3 we won?
  14. I’ve watched every game bar one this season and I agree we have totally underperformed for a lot of it. I would also argue we’ve played some really good stuff in some of the games we have lost and so thought some criticism of the team and Warnock has been over the top at times, and some times justified also. What I was getting at though is when we were winning the last 3 people went quiet but all of a sudden we loose one and it’s doom and gloom. Knowing us we will go and beat West Brom and everyone will be talking up promotion again. I was just pointing out some fans who seem to change like th
  15. So fickle. People were over the moon we were in the play off spots a week ago and we still not a million miles off them. Do I think we will get promotion… No. but we’ve just won 3 out of 4 games. On to the next one
  16. Look.. I get we have underperformed in games this season. But, getting rid of Warnock may not help. The grass isn’t always greener, look at Cardiff since he’s left there and where they are now. we had Woodgate and look what Warnock did to turn us around after that. It could be when he leaves there’s a massive period where we are adapting to a new manager and style and may go backwards before we go forwards (Woody) so careful what we wish for. On another note, Howson playing some of the best football I’ve seen him play in a boro shirt. Maybe Pulis knew what he was doing playing
  17. Would rather see Tav as a fluid 10 for me. Payero and crooks as a two. hernandez and Watmore behind Sporar
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