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  1. Worrying first half. Just feels like we're slipping back in to bad habits and old ways. Can't help the injuries though, that's an inquiry for another day. Bloody hope we can regroup and give it another go second half cause so far this doesn't look to dissimilar to 2 months ago
  2. Is it poor training? Poor warm ups? Club physios not doing their job? All pretty sh*te
  3. Wood on. Welcome to your baptism of fire Nathan 😬
  4. We're back to normal. Poor play from the lads here. Defense looks shaky as hell. Our attacking isnt much better 😬 come on Boro wake the hell up
  5. Absolutely agree it showed how vulnerable we are sadly if they're off form were vulnerable AF.
  6. That was pretty awful tbh. For all of the praise that Woodgate has been given recently he's gotta take his share of criticism too. Today wasn't good enough and the tactics were all over the place. Were falling back in to the age old trap of not playing for 90 mins and instead playing for 45 or maybe at a push 30. Think tiredness defo played an impact on the younger lads tonight could tell Spence and Coulson were hanging by 40 mins. Onwards to Tuesday now back on home soil.
  7. Just about to comment about that him and woody have been popping back and forth to eachother
  8. Another close chance for Fulham. Good god we look awful here
  9. Far far too easy for Fulham this. They're absolutely tearing us to shreds right now.
  10. Nmecha was really good imo, really like the look of him and can't wait to see him fit. Re: Liddle, thought he was poor but again was against top opposition so not gonna write him off just yet. Mejias head went in the first 20 mins but made a great save second half. Looking forward to Fulham now which is something I never thought I'd say!
  11. You know what. Second half was much much better we actually have them a good battle. All of those lads can hold their heads up half. No shame losing to a topflight team and putting that second half in. UTFB
  12. I know we're the away team and not particularly good but goodness me the BBC have just spoken about Spurs for most of the coverage so far. They do know where still here right?
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