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  1. Also been nice to see some honesty, do get the feeling that Warnock is about to see our fantastic recruitment team in all of its "glory". Encouraging to see he's been putting the pressure on Gibbo and Bausor to get deals over the line
  2. Brad young would be a fantastic signing. Watched him a lot at my local side Billingham town and he's got massive potential, vocal, confident and commands his area. Worth a little enquiry
  3. Been having a few cans to celebrate that, Absolutely fantastic to see us survive. Warnock I'd argue has saved us from the brown and smelly there. Genuine shame to see Wigan get relegated on a points dedication. Absolute crying shame that. Wonder what Mrs Warnock must be thinking about him potentially getting in to yet another job after his retirement some 10 years ago, and I also wonder if Blackford will ever get that kitchen done!
  4. Pleased to be proven wrong about the team sheet. What a result that is absolutely superb. Could be the result that moves us clear that. 3 wins from 5 is fantastic.
  5. That line up is... Something. Not a single defender on the pitch who I could safely say is half decent and will do well. Reading are a good footballing side and will likely tear us to shreds Would like to know why Stojanovic is dropped. Thought he was doing okay for us. Pears doesn't fill me with confidence at all seems prone to a clanger or two.
  6. Controversial opinion alert: I don't think our young players are that good whatsoever. Coulson has a bit of pace but no defensive awareness and gets torn to pieces by any half decent winger. Spence can be ok on his day but seems a bit hit and miss sadly. Fry is a donkey in the back line. Tav is probably the brightest spark. Maybe I'm being overly critical but that's how I simply see it
  7. Fry is just a poor poor defender. No idea what he brings to the backline.
  8. Game over. We simply can't play at the Riverside despite all of our dominance.
  9. Mind do we ever beat Bristol? Seems like they always have us over at the Riverside
  10. I put this question in the match day thread but, serious question, is there any other club in the land that gives their chairman godlike status and forgives him for every mistake he makes regardless of how disastrous it has been for their club?
  11. Serious question:- is there any other club in the land that gives their chairman godlike status and forgives him for every mistake he makes regardless of how disastrous it has been for their club?
  12. Problem is... If we do get relegated will the fans actually hold the club to account? Will hard questions be asked of Gibson, Bausor et Al? Or will we just angrily type away on Facebook Twitter and here shouting about how bad it is while happily clapping away in the stadium?
  13. What a bloody mess. This season is everything wrong with this club encapsulated in 9 months. - Terribly Ran - Owner that refuses to accept any criticism - players on ridiculous inflated wages - players devoid of any creativity or talent - keeping hold of a manager who was clearly out of his depth - local media that are gagged I mean what more is there to say? Were an absolute shambles of a team. Every other team seems so well ran and professional yet were just sinking being ran like a Sunday league side. Gibson will get away with any criticism yet agai
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