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  1. Why did we change a winning team? Seriously bizarre stuff from Warnock. Hull were not great but we still lost thanks to questionable defending and sheerly dreadful defending. This summer is gonna have to be a complete strip and rebuild, the club has no leaders or any quality in the XI at all. Has to be said after that I don't see how we stay up. No chance how we can losing to teams in and around us.
  2. I mean wow what a difference a week makes. Brace yourselves for some rare positivity from me but my goodness we actually looked alright today! Battled for tackles, survived by the skin of our teeth a few times (shh) but hey 2-0 win and a bit of confidence about us! Also special mention to Powell who completely lost his head and got sent off after 2 bookings within a minute. What on earth was he thinking. Stoke as a whole seemed poor today it must be said. Be interesting to see what Colin can do with us after a few more weeks!
  3. Pretty much everything we do is ludicrous so it wouldn't surprise me πŸ˜”
  4. I've got a strange feeling Woodgate will be reappointed at the end of the season, with a load of build up about how he's learnt more from Warnock and been given extra advice etc.
  5. In all honesty sounds like Keane had no desire to stay here very long whatsoever. Head clearly didn't seem in it.
  6. Can I claim to be in the know on the count of having Warnock as my display pic for a very long period of time? πŸ˜…. Nice to see Warnock appointed am excited about that. Just interesting to see what the long term plans are for the club
  7. Thanks, was just grim to have but am back to being perpetually disappointed by Boro now! πŸ˜…
  8. A long time since I posted, but had a few Covid symptoms, and mixed with my Type 1 Diabetes = a lot of fun but am much much better now! Dear me where do we start with today? Absolutely shambolic from start to finish. Was absolutely incredible how leggy we were from the off compared to Swansea who looked so much sharper and fitter than us and sharper than us. It's like we've followed the populations example an sat on our backsides scoffing junk food and drinking scary amounts of booze (not me obvs πŸ‘€) I was worried that going in to the restart of the season we'd get stuffed, and genuinely didn't expect it to be quite so had as it was. Defense absolutely shambolic, attack was about as sharp as a blunt axe, and a midfield totally devoid of any sort of creativity. Worst part is I'd normally call for Woodgate to go and take the rest of his merry band of idiots with him, but who'd come to a club in freefall especially in the middle of a pandemic? πŸ˜”
  9. Crazy how something that's literally only been in the public eye for 3/4 months has totally derailed people's lives and the footballing season. Wonder if EFL games will still persist or will that change if someone picks up symptoms after weekends round of fixtures
  10. Crikey what on earth I think I need to be more of a moody bugger in future during games now to stand a chance! Maybe if I do a matchday thread and be Uber pessimistic well thrash a team! Let's just keep it going. Not celebrating too early just yet but the glimmer of opportunity is there.
  11. Cheers Gibson. Clubs dying and going down without even that of a slight whimper. All on you this is. Laughing stock. We are the worst team in this league. Nothing will change my mind on that.
  12. I sort of predicted it really, that Gibson would come out with some stupid PR soundbites and would give all the bravado of "get behind the lads, he has my backing" etc etc. The line about backing Woodgate regardless STINKS of Agnew Mark 2, when it was clear that he was out of his depth but we still persisted until a completely uneventful relegation. I feel for the gazette in a sense, that article is just pure propaganda the East Germans would've been proud of.
  13. I still don't understand how he's in a job. I genuinely don't think any other club in this division would have kept him in a job producing the results he has. Were the only club I know of that seemingly awards incompetence and failure by keeping him in a job
  14. Guessing it's a certain player who divided the fans in his most recent spell?
  15. To be honest this season has the feeling similar to that of Ipswich last season in the championship, in which they gutted their team tried to make it on league 1/2 quality players with a young manager and then subsequently got relegated. Only real difference I can see is we kept some of our senior players, and our manager is a total and complete novice. If we go down we will be right up the proverbial creek especially with contracts expiring and a wage bill still exceptionally high
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