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  1. 1 own goal is bad luck, several over the course of the season is serious ineptitude
  2. Is it seriously not down to Woodgate that our defence is the most vulnerable it's been in years? Everytime a team come forward we look like conceding. Totally appreciate not every OG is his fault, but our defending is miserable
  3. Well it was nice leading for a few minutes. Please get this useless prat out of our club. Our defending is almost keystone cops this season.
  4. Oh and one more thing, I'm sure it's not on this forum I've read it, but I'm seeing people suggesting Woodgate be given more time... Genuinely what improvements has he honestly made to the squad to be given that extra time?
  5. Call me mad but I genuinely would have Pulis back tomorrow. Watching us this season has destroyed me more than watching anything last season did. Hell id even go as far to say that 6 match losing streak while it did kill our season off, in some of those games we at least looked like giving it a go, more so than I can say this season in all honesty. This season has killed me off completely. Genuinely right now I'm off to Newcastle for a day out with my brother, and I'll probably completely forget Boro are playing. All the noises coming from the propaganda arm of the club is that relegation is almost accepted, and we've got people trying to argue that being played off the park is ok because the guy in charge isn't TP. It says something that my local side have become a far more attractive proposition than the club I've paid 490 pounds for a season ticket for. I just can't get my head around how bad things have got. Gibson's prepared to die on the Woodgate hill, and instead of making sure we get a good manager in, we just seem determined to load the team with more coaches and "local lads" f***ing hooray 🙄
  6. Seems to me many fans are still too resistant to criticise Gibbo and the team for fear of being written off as "negative" Is it really negative to say we're in a proper mess? 2 wins all season, no goals and no defence whatsoever. Yet Gibson has allowed this to go on, but he gets Carte Blanche just because he saved us a few years ago 🙄 totally makes up for his amateurish running of the club and jobs for the boys situation going on.
  7. What more is there to say. It's absolutely miserable being a Boro fan right now. We're abject and appalling, and all the signs suggest it's going to stay that way for some time. Gibson spent so much time chasing the EFL and our opponents today over FFP matters it seeks like he's forgotten he runs a football club. Fans still sing his name, and say how much of a king he is, yet the disdain shown to the fans is miserable. As for Woodgate, what improvements are there? We don't score, we don't defend we don't do anything. We've got a back room full of inexperience, and a circus clown for good measure. We're so tactically inept it's unreal. The fans of Derby will be taking great pleasure in tonights result that's for sure. So so horrible given how far eve managed to sink from the promotion season
  8. Heard some things that have concerned me from the bbc tees lot 1) players arguing with eachother, never a good sight 2) crowded technical areas with lots of coaches debating instructions. What's the saying about too many cooks and broth? 3) players AGAIN being confused about instructions. Absolutely amateur.
  9. He won't until Gibson pulls the trigger. He realises he has a comfy job at the moment
  10. Miserable that Gibson seems prepared to die on the Woodgate hill...
  11. Question: What do you reckon it'll take for Gibson the get rid? Does anyone else think it'll only take relegation for him to consider it?
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