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Heard a couple of rumours that Stu Parnaby may be our first signing this season. Good to have another boro lad in the team!
This will likely mean that Hoyte will be going due to his high wages.
In other news the echo claim that boro are looking over Man U players Nicky Ajose and Oliver Norwood. Any 1 know anything about these kids?!?
Feel free to add your thoughts or any other Boro transfer news/rumours u've heard.

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Hope not, Parnaby is terrible.
"Hoyte will be going due to his high wages".Are you daft?Where the hell is he going?.Thats the reason we cant get shot of players like him.
He's on PL money[I'd guess 20k per week] and he's not worth one fifth of that so how do you get rid?Most clubs are skint.
As for Parnaby coming back the last thing we need is a paceless mediocre right back.No way.
Easy, you price low and just hope he takes a pay cut.
Heard off another forum that QPR are interested in Hoyte
Why do we fall? So we can learn how to pick ourselves back up!
Price high, they'll accept Tounge
I would be very happy to see Hoyte go to QPR or indeed virtually anywhere else. He seems to have ability and then he does not. In essence he survives by use of his undeniable pace.

Does Stu Parnaby offer us anything else other than competition for McMahon?

If McMahon had some pace we would not have this debate. His crossing and free kick skills mean he has to be no1 right back v Hoyte or Parnaby but against Rhys Williams he might well become no 2

However, I tend to view Williams at right back as a waste. He can influence games much more in other positions
We all view Rhys at RB is a waste, therefore, unless we can get a Naughton-esque player, McMahon is No. 1.

Parnaby is a disgraceful excuse for a footballer. He can't tackle, dribble, cross or pass and he's constantly injured. I never liked him when he was here and if we sign him again, I'll put him with the likes of Mido and Alves and a complete waste.
Not sure on the Parnaby link to be honest I think its just as he's an ex boro player he gets mentioned. I'd like a new RB but i think McMahon can do a job in the championship and its cover thats needed, maybe one of the young lads can step up.

If we're looking at ex boro players then i think Murphy is more likely signing to replace Taylor.

Taylors had a good season all told including his spell at Watford. I dont think his form in the last half dozen or so games will have gone unnoticed. He is probably the best bosman in the championship. I'm sure that bottom half of the premier league teams will look on a naturally left footed footballer (who can play full back and more advanced) with premier league expereince, on a free as a bargain.

I can't recall did Mogga buy Murphy while at Hibs?
its always darkest before the dawn
He's not bosman though. He is not moving to another country.

Still 7 weeks left of their contracts.

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