Summer Transfer Rumours 2012

Obviously a lot of what happens in the summer will depend on which league we are in, but rumours are starting to surface so I thought is start this thread.

Firstly outs:
Hoyte - no word on a new contract and as he's one of the biggest earners at the club, I can't see him staying.
Franks - loaned to Yeovil more to put him in the shop window than anything else, some interest has been shown from other league 1 clubs. Say I think we've seen the last of him in a boro shirt.
Grounds - see Franks.
Bates - the club has said that they will stick by him until he recovers from injury, but who knows if he will sign back up on lower wages?
Coyne - rumour is he will be retiring and joining the coaching staff which I would love.
mcmanus - heard that bristol will be back in for him in the summer, doesn't appear to be in moggas long term plans, but I wouldn't mind him staying way all.
Bailey - speculation that a few clubs arec looking at him after an outstanding season. Cant really see it unless silly money comes in.
McDonald - again one of our highest earners with his contract running down, would be sad to see him leave, but if we can get two players on his wage then its a no brainer.
Ogbeche - has looked outstanding in parts but never really forced his was into the team. Mogga has said he will bide his time with him and see where we end up at the end of the season.
Martin - see ogbeche
Robson - already signed to go to the MLS

Transfers in :
McMahon - possibly signing a new contract
Bates - see McMahon
Martin - see McMahon
Ogbeche - see McMahon
Leadbitter - pretty strong rumour we will try and pick him up on the cheap/free in the summer, although we already have a fair few cm's
Danny butterfield - a very solid player but would probably depend on our right back situation.

For me this leaves us with a lot of gaps we will need to fill. I reckon atleast a gk, rb, lb, cb, cm, 2x wingers, and a striker.

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Ideally, from our current set of players I'd like to see these players leave in the summer:

McManus (probably on a fair bit in wages and obviously surplus to requirements)
Thomson (don't rate him that highly, probably on a fair bit, far too injury prone)
Franks (don't see his future here)
Grounds (don't see his future here)

I also wouldn't mind seeing Skippy leave. I like him as a player but I'd imagine he too is on quite a lot and for his wages he could probably easily be replaced.

Hopefully we offer McMahon and Bailey new contracts in the summer, especially Bailey! I can definitely see Hoyte and Bates re-signing on lesser wages too.
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This has the hall marks of possibly being the longest running thread for a while and a record breaker with regards to posts however a bit too early for me as I will wait until the end of the season to see where we are and some clear indication from the club because lets face it both of the last two similar threads did not produce a lot in terms of tranfers and loans far!!!
Reckon we could get a fair bit for Emnes...
(05-04-2012, 11:16 AM)Prowler Wrote: Reckon we could get a fair bit for Emnes...

Was thinking the same, could flog him to Leicester or West Ham if they dont go up for a fair whack, and probably replace him for similar for a LOT less.
I know we were linked with Butterfield a few weeks ago. Although its looking like Newcastle are also after him.
It will also be interesting to see how West Ham would fare if they don't achieve promotion this season and how they could afford to keep so many players.

I think next season Halliday, Reach, Park, Williams, Main and Pilatos will begin to make their presence around the first team next season they could save us a fair few pennies if they live up to their hype.
Boyd is available on a free from Posh
Regarding the last post. Where does Pilatos play? Also where has Reach been playing for the reserves/development team?
i read Boyd and i was like WHAT, but then carried onto read from Posh! haha

can someone find a list of Championship players that contracts expire this summer? then we can start and speculate lots!
I found this list

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