Transfer thread 2013. Final hour and may she rest in peace

Started a new one as it was impossible to follow the last one anymore.
Pointless at the mo'
There was still quite a bit of speculation going on in the old rumours thread when it was closed.
Yes speculation concerning this summer but issues that have been discussed a number of times.

Like the last one this will pick up pace when its good and ready far!!!
Argh, I loved the last one. It just kept growing on you
Not completely sure why there need be a new thread. What was wrong with the other one? That said, I don't really care.
Anthony Vickers said below one of his blogs:

"In the summer the club should have almost £2m leeway in the wage budget to rebuild with, more if they can shift McDonald too. They are already well ahead in scouting targets in untapped, low cost markets. They are also looking at some interesting loan arrangements that if they come off could be very cost effective and hopefully provide some bright young talent."

So basically when all loans go back and contracts expire we've got around £40,000 a week to strengthen the team plus additional sales. And if we sell McDonald then that will be a further £35,000 a week to sign a few players(total £75,000 a week).

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