January Transfer Window 2014

Ayala sent back to NOrwich, Williams, Emnes, Juke and Leadbitter sold/loaned to raise and free up cash. 2 Fullbacks, a central defender, 2 midfielders and a striker needed. Obviously its unlikely we will see 7 changes in January but I think we will definately see 2 new defenders and at least 1 midfielder and possibly a striker (Vargas/Vossen?).
Potential outs(that I'd be happy to see leave):

Juke, Whitehead, Haroun, Ledesma, Woodgate(won't happen though), Hines, Parnaby, Richardson and Halliday. Maybe even sell Rhys Williams or Friend if the money could be spent better on more solid replacements. Our defence is a tried and tested failure so would be happy to see any of the leave except for Gibson. If Ayala cuts out the mistakes and finds consistency between now and January then I wouldn't mind seeing him sign for longer/permenant as there's a very good defender in there among the mistakes/rustiness.

Obviously they won't all leave but as long as we had enough depth in the squad then I wouldn't be sad to see any of them leave to create funds for Karanka to rebuild the squad.

Potential in's:

Obviously massively depends on outgoings but we could do with a better than we've got defensively good RB and LB, reliable no nonsense CB, CM and a clinical Striker. There's no way we will sign that many though.
Now isn't the time to sell Friend. His stock is low.
It's just, when you buy furniture, you tell yourself, that's it. That's the last sofa I'm gonna need. Whatever else happens, I've got that sofa problem handled.
Would like to keep Ayala tbh, he's at a new club and needs time to settle in as well as get used to his cb partner, who at the minute could be anyone
General consensus a couple of weeks ago was that the squad was good enough and that Mowbray's man-management and tactics were the issues.
Now one game in to Karanka's tenure what are we saying, actually the strength isn't there and wholesale changes are needed... Confusing!!
If we sell the players your suggesting we won't have a squad. To suggest selling people like Leadbitter and Williams is crazy there massive players for us and its highly unlikely you'll get someone else to come in and fill the place effectively.

There only human and can make mistakes, some people forget this.
For me we need a no nonsense centre back in the style of a Huth or Dunne that simply get rid of the ball.
I think Hoyte will come back in January who I feel will do a good job under Karanka.
Finally a goalscorer although easier said than done
Realistically in term of being able to sell players, i could seex juke, haroun, ledesma and maybe Williams leaving with ayala also going if he doesn't pick up form. As the mogga era shows, its so much harder to get players out of the club
The players are fine on the whole, they lack confidence and direction. Karanka will sort those problems out.

Can we recall Hoyte from loan, or has he left for good? If Juke is going to go, he ought to leave this January whilst he is still seen as a decent player, 6 months in the reserves won't help anyone.

As others have mentioned, the general consensus was that we, had good players, but Mowbray had run out of ideas, or lost the dressing room, but a new man could turn things around. The other general opinion, was that whilst Mowbray wasn't a great tactician or man manager, he had a very good eye for signing players.

Let's have a bit of patience guys.
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I was under the impression that to bring Ayler in Hoyte had to go. There might not be enough in the wage bill budget if we brought back Hoyte without anyone else going out.

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