'Other Boro stuff'

I've decided to make a thread for all things related to Boro that aren't new thread worthy, but don't have anywhere else to go. So if there's anything mildly interesting or humorous, this is where it can live Big Grin

Things like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIMBxwKzlKs
Jason Gavin once insisted on buying me a drink in tall tree's despite both of us having an 'all you can drink' wrist band on because i told him he was over due an Irish cap. He was mortal.
You must have been mortal Humpty to say that to Gavin!

I said something similar to Josh Walker in Embrace in Sheffield, he was on loan at Rotherham. I told him that Strachan didn't know his head from his *** letting him leave on loan... He bought me a drink...a K2 for £1.50...cheers Josh, I'm sure you could have at least pushed out for a VK!
Just to repeat, i had an all you drink band on Wink

Whilst standing next to Stewy Downing at the urinals, i told him i liked his salmon coloured v neck jumper.

(I didn't look at his willy)

Had a dance off with Robbie Elliot in the Sea nightclub Newcastle once.

(Not strictly 'Other Boro stuff' but i thought it was apt)
Once jumped in front of Luke Wilkshire in the queue at Marks and Spencer in the Cleveland shopping centre. (Christ that was going back a bit. I think he made his debut that season.)
[Image: FELExwg.png]

The team did a secret Santa today... This is what Kamara ended up looking like Big Grin http://twitter.com/Muzza_19/status/41542...32/photo/1
I love that guy
Varga was given shampoo and a hair brush Big Grin
I don't know if anybody follows him, but faris Haroun posted a video on Instagram of a load of him and a load of mates smoking Shisha pipes
Steve Baker once man-marked McManaman. Lot a lot of people can say that ;D

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