Boro vs Brighton 1-1 Boro are promoted

(11-05-2016, 12:59 PM)Tom Wrote: Well done for working that out. Wink

I was just pointing out that it was interesting.

Just trying to be helpful Smile
Just watched the match again. That bit at the end that even I've had a go at Leo about. In fairness to Leo, the ball is coming over into the Boro coaching area and Calderwood belts into Leo as Leo goes to pick the ball up which makes Leo react the way he does. I actually have a bit more sympathy for Leo there than I did before. Calderwood has come out of the Brighton area when he shouldn't have to begin with.

It's all a bit daft to say really but Calderwood has attempted to gain an advantage in getting the ball back quicker by running into our area. Leo has levelled that playing field by slowing him down. Calderwood pushes Leo and he reacts.

We all know Leo is capable of being a bit mental at times and it's why he gets such a good reaction from the stands and why we all love him. I also think most recognise how much he gets away with gamesmanship at times. But I think in that situation, Calderwood has not been a saint and in my perhaps rose-tinted eyes, is actually the worst of the two, especially when you combine it to the pure pettiness of the push on Karanka at the final whistle. That was just uncalled for when Aitor wasn't involved in any of the bother on the sidelines.
With regards to coaching staff etc holding onto the ball etc.....every team does it when it suits. Had Brighton been 2-1 up, Calderwood would have done the same thing.

Football is an incredibly hyprocritical sport. All teams do the same thing when it's in their interests and all teams get the hump when they feel the opposition are trying to waste time.

It was handbags and Calderwood doesn't exactly have a rich history,. After Phil O'Donnell died, every club in Scotland and England had a minute's applause before their game, except Nottingham Forest, who, at Calderwood's request (he was the manager) they not have one as it was silly to have a tribute to everyone and why was he more important than a guy from Colombia. He apologised when he went to manage Hibs 3 years later because he didn't want to be booed.

Whilst it's all handbags, remember Calderwood is just a scumbag failed manager. At least Hughton has a bit of class.
Been through too many tough traumatic times to let football get me down - But Boro have a damn good go at testing that!
Watching back the 2nd half its funny how quick the final 2 minutes of injury time goes when your not a nervous wreck who could barely watch it on sky sports
Just had a long conversation with sollly March. He said it was the best atmosphere he's ever been involved in. But he was freezing and nothing like sunny Brighton Smile
Awesome, awesome article...
(12-05-2016, 05:42 AM)Ever_the_optimist Wrote: Awesome, awesome article...

Yeah good read that
Excellent read indeed.
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