New MFC Manager Thread - Garry Monk Announced

Do members feel that there will be a crisis meeting being held this weekend by the powers that be regarding whether or not AK keeps his role and secondly do you feel that Gibson should and will make some sort of comment either as full backing of AK or will we just simply hear zilch from him when perhaps it would be best to actually hear some of his thoughts for the remainder of this debacle and hugely frustrating period far!!!
If Gibson isn't thinking of sacking him then he isn't doing his job.
I think he will be sacked by Monday evening at the latest. Today felt like a watershed moment.
I don't expect him to be in charge next weekend.
i don't think Gibson has the balls to fire him.
I think he won't be sacked, and we'll hear nothing. But I don't agree with it.
Surely though it is about time we heard from SG even if it is the dreaded "we back Aitor all the way"

I know that we fans probably want to hear something but that is why I mentioned zilch coming from his directon far!!!
Perhaps this thread should be used to discuss potential options going forwards as I think the consensus is fairly unanimous on AK now.

Rowett is an option, not sure he'd bring much different to AK

Hiddink is one I've mentioned before, no idea if he'd even take our call but I think he'd do the best job I think.

Pardew? Yuck. Although he does tend to bring a quick improvement before slow decline.

Pearson, absolute nutjob but I think we'd get a team willing to run through brick walls for survival every week if we got him.
Depends on what we want really; a short term or long term fix. I think someone like Rowett would be good long term option, or even Gary Monk. Look what he's done at Leeds and out of contract in the summer.
Short term - Pearson would probably be able to provide the motivation. Bit of a bell end though. I suppose if we did go down too he's experience in promoting a team out of the championship pretty emphatically.
Roberto Mancini even if it is just to give the fans something to shout about until the end of the season. Could have a similar effect to Rafa Benitez up the road.

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