George Saville - Boro's latest boo boy needs time to prove his worth


By @Smithy_MFC84

But whether it’s a regular occurrence or not, it still doesn’t rankle with me any less than if it was the first of such an instance.

Now of course, we’ve seen players getting hammered by fans on social media BEFORE they’ve even signed on the dotted line. Talk about a warm welcome, eh?

Yet when a player signs, no matter what your thoughts are on them, isn’t it only fair you give them a chance? Well, if you’re thinking straight then you’ll know the answer to that.

The latest focus of a section of Boro fans for some less than deserved ire is former Millwall midfield man, George Saville.

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Interesting points raised there. I totally see the comparisons to Howson’s first season here. He looks a confidence player and needs a run. But when you have players playing better and in the same position then that becomes difficult to accommodate.
He will get his chance though. Just have to hope for his and our sake he takes it when it comes.
Being quick to criticise players who perform poorly is not exclusive to new players. Fans are fickle because they react to what they see on the pitch. Take Leadbitter as an example. Criticised when he first joined. Then he becomes a vital player during the Karanka era. He was almost universally praised during the 14/15 season. Despite being an everpresent in the 15/16 campaign and being just as solid as the previous year (although without the goal contribution), some began to criticise him. Then his legs began to go and he’s starts getting slammed. People could see his performances drop so criticised him. Leadbitter’s previous success at boro seemed to have little impact on criticism of his now declined performance levels. Fans react to what they see now so of course opinion is fluid. But this fickleness is not unique to new players. The two aren’t necessarily linked.

Since fans react to what they see on the pitch, the emphasis isn’t on fans to give Saville more of a chance because he might come good, the emphasis is on Saville to perform better when he plays. If any player performs well consistently, regardless of how long they’ve been at the club, they will be loved by our fickle fans.
I don't think I've heard anyone boo him at a game so he's not really a boo boy.  Someone getting hammered on social media is par for the course in an arena where stupidity seems to be the norm or at least more normal than it should be.

He didn't score the only goal of the game against Bolton as we won 2-0.  Britt scored right at the end.  I don't blame you for not remembering it as it was another in a series of fairly lousy performances from us.  Saville was gifted his goal by Bolton and otherwise did little at all albeit he certainly wasn't alone in that as we were poor on the night against a side who will be lucky to stay in the division.

He was dropped for a reason, it wasn't because someone said something nasty about him on Twitter.  He has yet to play as well as either Wing or Tavernier have managed this season.  He's managed to be better McNair I guess but that's about it.  

I think when teams spend money on new players there's an expectation that the player will be good or at least an improvement on what they already had.  It's entirely possible that Saville will eventually prove himself to be a good signing and if/when that time comes I imagine he'll get plenty of praise.  Until then the reaction he gets will be based on what he's doing on the pitch and that hasn't been particularly praiseworthy so far.

The fact that he had a good season for Millwall is neither here nor there really.  It's all about what he does here.  Here he is a relatively expensive signing who looks decidedly average so far, not someone who can play an important role in a promotion campaign and presumably help us stay in the Premier League.

Finally, Pulis doesn't give a toss about Gibson's money regardless of his public comments.  The fella says all kinds of things that are clearly a load of crap, the same as most managers do.  Pulis will spend whatever he feels he needs to in order to try and win promotion and we would have spent a lot more in the summer if players hadn't turned us down.  Let's not buy into the nonsense of this being done on a budget or whatever as it's clearly not the case.
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The real problem with Saville is that he has been bought (or will be) for too much money in a position we were already well stocked in (especially if you count tav and wing). That is more an indictment of our recruitment team (again!) rather than his fault. I’ve not seen anything that makes me think he’ll be a bad signing - he’s not played that many games and is in a system that doesn’t encourage midfielders to make a lot of forward runs.
(30-11-2018, 08:09 PM)BegSteeleOrBoro Wrote: he’s not played that many games and is in a system that doesn’t encourage anyone to make any forward runs.

tbh has anyone even heard saville being booed? I’ve heard general feelings of “mehhhh” when he’s subbed on but I think that probably down to the fact that he’s done the square root of FA so far.
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I don’t think anyone has been booing Saville, I’m not sure where the author got his headline from.
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(01-12-2018, 04:08 PM)BillyWoofs_shinpad Wrote: I don’t think anyone has been booing Saville, I’m not sure where the author got his headline from.

I think it's meant in a way that he get's a lot of critic after games and in general. People cannot see, why we loaned him, as he hasn't shown anything yet. 

Not actual booing when on the pitch. That would be harsh and absurd. But there is mumbling in the corners and people would like to see some good things from Saville. 

He might come good, when he settles.

Here's for hoping Wink
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Saville is league one quality, agreeing to pay £7m for him was a move of utter desperation.
Saville was a decent player in a Millwall team last year that played with an attacking intent.

Juninho would struggle in Pulis football so lets give the lad a chance and see what he is made of when we get a new manager (We can only hope!)

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