The Transfer Thread. Obi One the rest Nil!

Madine's scoring stats makes Hugill look prolific.
Everybody round my house for a parmo.
(1 hour ago)nunthorpered Wrote:
(1 hour ago)Changing Times Wrote:
(1 hour ago)nunthorpered Wrote: Boro did some serious bartering down on Mikel. Money his agent was after was eye watering. Luckily we are only serious offer he has. FIngers crossed its all done now

The only serious offer?  I thought one or two Premier League clubs were interested in him?

Nah it was just paper talk crap. Derby were, but nowhere near us. He's been offered decent package here. His demands were eye watering at first. Soon see if Pulis has got his man soon enough. Him who pushed for him

So we're paying him decent money then not nice and cheap as it was suggested?

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