Boro v QPR (A) 1-2 (Saville)

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We're the website, We're the website, We're the website red army!

One lion on a shirt,
Carling cup still gleaming,
No more years of hurt,
'Cos Aitor's got us dreaming!
If the excellent rep point system was still around I'd be giving you plus rep points for days for this but as I refuse to use the stupid Like button you don't get anything.

Very good work mind Smile
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Excellent innovative OP BoroUnger. I’m not sure about Stheeeeve adapting a cockney accent but it does look like we have seen the last of Braithwaite unfortunately. His heart just never seemed to be in Boro which is a pity as he is a good player
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Absolutely BONKERS!!!!!
Well done!!
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I have given it a Like and I havent even listened to it yet!!

Whatever it says it will make more sense that the muppet from the valleys
with us playing arguably the best we have played all season in the second half on Saturday, i would go with the following line up;

Shotton Ayala Flint Friend
Wing Saville Howson
Brit Hugill

This gives us legs in midfield to support the attack and also eliminates our weakness of not having any wingers.

unfortunately i see it being the same team that started against Rovers with Wing or Saville replacing Besic
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Everytime i hear pulis speak, i will be hearing that voice

Brilliant work that man!!

Saville in for mo, otherwise will prob be same side as started sat
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I'd have just used three minutes of wet fart noises.
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Every time we've played well this season Wing has been in the side. I know Tony is knocking on a bit but surely he should have caught on by now?

Howson is utter garbage again. Besic suspended. Time for Wing and Tav to come into the side.
Can't see Pulis starting with two up front even if we looked more dangerous in the second half against Blackburn despite being down to ten men. It'll be more of the same plodding along hoping to get a chance for the one player in the box.

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