Middlesbrough v Millwall 1-1 (Hugill (penalty))

BeardySmog Matchday Solutions
 Middlesbrough vs Millwall
Kick Off - 3pm
The Riverside Stadium
19th January 2019

This is the reverse of our first game this season (whose thread I also authored) and I took a quick look at some of the posts and it seems like little has changed. Same disappoinments in the transfer window, same doubts about Pulis and not clearer on our best XI or formation. Joy.

We are, however still in a really strong position in the league regardless of this so plenty of reasons to be optimistic, starting with a very winnable home game vs Millwall.

Last Game
Birmingham 1-2 BORO

Very good result against a team very much exceeding expectations this season. Goals from Wing and Britt were enough despite a period of invited pressure that infuriated some fans, still, 3 points won.

Millwall 0-2 Blackburn
 Disappointing home defeat for Millwall against Mogga's Rovers, followed by more moaning from Harris about their lack of quality and inability to compete with the bigger Championship teams. Change the record.

Oh.. He used to play for us...
No former Boro players in the Millwall ranks so I am going to highlight a couple of players of interest. Jed Wallace - a target for Boro in the summer and  Ryan Tunnicliffe - Moron who abused Patrick Bamford when he played for Blackburn.

Beard Watch
Some quality facial fuzz on offer in the Millwall ranks (also some gingers, never mind) but the BeardySmog Beard points are awarded to Tom Bradshaw. Good effort son, 5 points.
The tip of the Beard

Middlesbrough 5/6

Draw 23/10
Millwall 18/5

The bookies (SkyBet) have us down for the win here despite our sketchy home form and I'd be inclined to agree with them. My BeardyTip this week is a 2-1 Boro win which you can get @ 8/1 and if you are fearing a repeat of our last encounter you can get 2-2 @ 18/1.

Pre Match Questions

I have kept the questions exactly the same as the thread from the first game of the season.

Will we have any new faces in before kick off?

Will a convincing  win make you feel more positive about Pulis and the club going forward.
Who do you think will start? Formation?
What is your favourite wall? Mill? Hadrian's? the Great one in China? Or any that I haven't named (feel free to post photos)

The view from the opposition.


Some predictions from Millwall fans

2-1 Boro, a Wing thunderbolt and a scrappy Saville effort late in the game.
By the beard of Zeus! 
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Home performances HAVE to improve and this is the perfect time
No reason why we can't dominate a team in the very lower reaches at this stage of the season
But I have thought that about most home games
1 No
2 We shouldn't have a lot to be kissed off about lately tbh
3 start Britt and let VLP get some mins in a home league game but same o same o
4 Wall Mart - Love Asda me
Looking at the upcoming fixtures this is very close to a must win. Sheffield United have a tough game and Norwich are in bad form. We need to try and take advantage here.

I'd play the same team that started against Brum but replace Hugill with Britt. He deserves a start in the league after scoring a few goals lately. We played very well in the first half against Brum and if we can open the game like that on saturday then I think we will win by a few goals. At this stage in the season we need to beat a team placed in 20th.


2-0 Britt with a brace.

A convincing win will definately make me a bit more assured before the tough run of games in fabruary that will likely decide whether we are top-2 material.
Will we have any new faces in before kick off? None

Will a convincing  win make you feel more positive about Pulis and the club going forward? Yes, although I think Pulis is here till the end of the season no matter what happens

What is your favourite wall? I'd say Donald Trump's Wall, it's very much like our Central Midfield: big, expensive and largely ineffective...

Who do you think will start? Formation?
Britt has got to start in this game, he's best running on to balls and with crosses into the box so I'd have Wing start behind him for support. I'd stick Van La Parra in from the off from the wing, Millwall will sit deep and be tough to break down so I think we need a bit of flare for this one, other than that largely the same as last match:

This team is beautiful:

(16-01-2019, 02:22 PM)Borodane Wrote: --------------Randolph--------------

It has the exactly correct number and placement of hyphens.

(16-01-2019, 03:14 PM)Foogle Wrote: --------------Randolph--------------

This team is unbalanced and inconsistent in the midfield area.

Every club Tony Pulis has been at have improved their hyphenation for the long term and he’s said Boro will be no exception.
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Without doubt the enormity of this game is for all to see, especially if using binoculars.

Spot on about this being a must win game as we simply have to improve our home performances and with a real chance of playing catch up and cementing our place by opening a further gap.

With that in mind and taking all things into consideration as far as home games go this is THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE SEASON...………….so far!!!!

We should not fear Millwall at all take the game to them from the off score first and then hopefully enjoy the game.

For those of you going to the match...…….you lucky so and so's!
TMIGOTS......so far!!!
No new signings.

A 10-0 win wouldn't make me any more enthusiastic about pulis.

I expect again we will play with 1 of wing or Tav. Downing and VLP will probably play so chances of 4-5-1 with these two on the wings, hugill up top and probably 3 of wing, howson, Clayton, besic and saville. Holy **** he may not plays either of wing/tav.

It will probably be 0-0 After 70 mins and then it's up in the air. 1-0 but can't decide which way. Hopefully we can Nick it
"If you can wait and not be tired by waiting"
I'd like to see him sacrifice a Midfielder to play Britt and Hugill vs 20th at home, maybe McNair right back instead of Fry give us a bit more pace out wide


Hopefully see some minutes from VLP and Tav 2nd half.
If he keeps Downing out of the team, plays Wing and tells them to be aggressive from the outset we should have too much for Milwall.

Would ideally prefer to see Tav in for Saville too.
We should have too much for Millwall either way to be honest. We're a better side than them anyway and their away record is pretty bad.

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