Boro v Sheffield United (a) 0-1

The second ever audio Match day thread can be found by clicking the link below!
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One lion on a shirt,
Carling cup still gleaming,
No more years of hurt,
'Cos Aitor's got us dreaming!
Absolutely brilliant.
By the beard of Zeus! 
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“Which coincidently is the town I grew up in” Big Grin
"The Swiss have rolllllllled!!!! William Tell!!!! Heidi!!!! It doesn't matter, your boys have taken a pasting!!!!"
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Brilliant there Mr Unger, hats off.
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Funny Funny Funny Funny

Nice one. Very funny. Will listen to it again after the drab 0 - 0 draw to cheer myself up.
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You my friend are an absolute *** genius!!!!!!
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(10-02-2019, 11:10 PM)BoroAbroad Wrote: Funny Funny Funny Funny

Nice one. Very funny. Will listen to it again after the drab 0 - 0 draw to cheer myself up.

that's optimistic, fully expect us to get beaten 2-0
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Hats off, great, love it. Well I thought we would beat Leeds and should have and I am going for a BORO win 2-1. Why over the last three games have I thought positively about BORO? Well I really can’t get my head around it other than we have what we have and we need to get behind them and support the team. Perhaps it’s simply wishful and desperation. Regardless of formation, Pulis, the players put in a performance which I hope holds good for remaining of the season.
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Don't know why but I think we will win this one. For some odd reason and I can't quite say why. Think the squad might have got some belief back from 4 points against WBA and Leeds and looking at the table we can ill afford to drop points. Leeds and WBa have semi tough home games and while I expect WBA to beat Forest I reckon Swansea cuold trouble Leeds. Norwich will beat PNE though and there is a good chance that Derby and Bristol will win too. A loss against Sheffield could see us drop out of the Play Offs and we really don't want that. Boro to win 2-0.
Well done BU terrific OP.

I see that our game is being shown on Channel 407 Sky Sports Action whereas all the other games are on 403 and red button so maybe Sky are showing 2 main events?

Other games of interest will be Ipswich V Derby, Leeds V Swansea and as BD mentioned PNE V Norwich.

With Bristol City playing QPR the night before we could be in a situation where we have to win to keep in the top 6 and to a degree cancelling out our game in hand against Bristol City should we lose far!!!
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