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Spot the Rajiv Van La Parra

[Image: h7icd.jpg?token=IjAoZslh50yn04e7JyHDWQ&e...1552174608]

The above is an action shot from yesterday's game against Brentford.  Poor Rajiv has been removed from the picture completely.  All you need to do is mark on the picture where you think our star loan signing was and the nearest to him wins a special prize!
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Is he stood behind that tall bloke?
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I have him row 8 seat 56 in the north stand.
Surely he isn't on the pitch!!!
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Who is Van La Parra?
Let me guess Van La Parra wasn't that guy outside the ground dressed in a kilt playing the bag pipes was he.
Why bother with van La Parra when you have a perfectly good ageing half fit full back to replace our forwards with?
VLP must be massively regretting his move now.
Aden Flint will score 10 goals this season  never score again.
(11-03-2019, 04:56 PM)Brunners Wrote: VLP must be massively regretting his move now.

Ah... There's the thing though.... Has he really moved at all? Omg

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