Boro v Aston Villa (a) 0-3

BeardySmog Matchday Solutions
Aston Villa vs Middlesbrough
Kick Off - 3pm
Villa Park
16th March 2019

A thread that I didn't want to do and that none of you want to read about a team that we are really struggling to get behind. Fantastic. 

Last Game
Boro 1-2 Preston
Threw away ANOTHER one goal lead. Remember the times when we went in front and didn't lose? Distant memory. 
Forest 1-3 Villa
Oh great, not only did they win away at a decent team they scored THREE goals. 

Oh.. He used to play for us. 
Oh Albert Adomah. A creative winger. Sigh. 

Beard Watch
Mile Jedinak probably has the best beard in the championship. Probably score a hat trick against us regardless of being suspended/injured/out-of-favour/lame (I haven't checked) 

The tip of the Beard
Just stick your money on us to be leading at half time and losing at full time. Doesn't matter what the odds are it's like buying money. 

View from the other side.

Probably really smug. 

Pre Match Questions
Will Pulis be gone by the weekend? 
What is your starting XI? 
Which minute will we blow our early lead? 
If you could hypothetically run on the pitch and symbolically punch any player in the back of their hypothetical head who would it be? (not allowed to be Pulis). 

Fletcher to score from a shot that ricocheted off of the corner flag. Then conceed 3 goals in the second half after Flint gets sent off for farting.
By the beard of Zeus! 
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Great effort mate, although I have to confess I have as much interest in this game as I do in finding my grans vibtator drawer
Member of the self preservation society.
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We’re gonna lose this most likely as Villa are hitting form for the playoffs just as the right time, just as we’re losing all momentum.
If we do lose that’s 3 losses in a row. Relegation form.
Third trip to the second city for me and my lad along with Trekkers and the old saying two out of three aint bad comes to mind!

The Grealish factor is back amongst Villa and I fear they will repeat the demolition that they did on us at The Riverside.

Still stranger things have happened but 3 in a row does seem to be the favourite.

Now will we ever win a game where the opposition have scored first I wonder far!!!
3-0 Villa. Can't see us getting anything from this game. A repeat of the same game earlier in the season. They score goals and we can't.
We're gonna get dicked, simple as.

I would hypothetically punch Ayala in the back of his stupid head, then I'd turn him round and punch him in his stupid *** face too, for good measure.

But I can't, because the *** has gotten himself SUSPENDED.
Where do the Boro fans go before kick off for a few beers?   Smile
(14-03-2019, 08:43 AM)ReillyC89 Wrote: Where do the Boro fans go before kick off for a few beers?   Smile

The morgue
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Anything less than a loss by two clear goals will be a good result here. Haven't written that and genuinely meant it since we played Liverpool in the Premier League.

This season has been over for me for a while so last night didn't even hurt, didn't watch and it was expected. I just hope there isn't too much damage done before somebody new takes over in the Summer. Lessons to be learned from clubs like Sunderland about what a toxic environment and lack of confidence can do.
100% we will lose this.
Villa to take our place in the playoffs come end of season.
We are in free fall.
Keep the Faith
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