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Place to discuss any up coming International games due to be played over the next few days. far!!!
Well I think this is the first time in many years I'm happy that England are on instead of the Boro this weekend. Always used to be England that bored me to tears... now we're young, dynamic, brave, and just bloody good fun to watch. Everything that Pulis and Boro sadly are not.
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Norway - Sweden will be fun (or not) Smile

for neutrals I think it will be quite boring, two managers that play 4-4-2 (more or less) and love hard work

Pulis might enjoy it though Smile
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Looks like rashford will miss the game on friday.

Means the front three will be Sancho-Kane-Sterling which is rather tasty!
i,ll watch it cos i like watching football but until the games at euros or world cups i dont make plans around these games  .
on a side note  that tournament that we won the group stage against Spain and Croatia is a bit disjointed  seems a long time between those 4 quick games and the next part/semis .  too long imo.
and tbh i still arent 100 per cent  sure how it works  regarding qualifying through that for the euros .
Liking the look of this England team right now. It's a shame the world cup isn't this summer as I think we look a much better and exciting outfit than a few months ago.
Watched England last night and I’m pleased the way we are heading. No, I don’t think we faced a strong team, we were flat at times and conceded possession to easy, BUT they are doing what I always wanted, go for a win with passion. I still say GS blow the chance of a WC final so I’m not getting carried away, I just enjoyed the game.
I know we see this every week, but Randolph has been to his old tricks this weekend-
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I am actually looking forward to the England game something I would not have said over the past few years. I just want to see this young team have the confidence to take on the opposition and give it a go and grow. Winning right now is not everything and I belive putting faith in the younger players is brave and will reap rewards.
Decent goal that.
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