Boro v Hull 1-0 (Assombalonga)

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Middlesbrough v Hull Match Day Thread
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Unbelievably brilliant BU. I’m still laughing at it. I really hope that SD doesn’t get the chance to sing to us this season. Absolutely well done mate Smile
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Best yet BU, quality, table football bit was class

Anyway this is my traditional borthday weekend game ( or closest to), i really dont think i can be arrsed. Tav to start and a nice 3-0......

Nah, 1-0 hull and tav to make an appearance after 88mins. TP to complain about his lack of impact post match.
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So without sounding toooo confident, and despite the fact that we've just lost 6 games in a row with the exception of beating a woeful Bolton Team... IF we manage to get 3 points against Hull, our remaining games are on paper the most favourable of the chasing pack. Maybe on par with Derby, but Hull, Villa and Bristol City's remaining games are significantly tougher.

all we need is Good King Fletchy to bag a brace every game Smile and if Britt chips in with a goal every once in a while, awesome Smile
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What can I say about that introduction? Very, very funny!

Tony's wife is probably spot on so I see a draw from this game, any lingering hopes were dashed by Villa last night far!!!
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Looking forward to some of "Tony Pulis' lit football", going to go for a 2-1 win!
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Is it wrong that I want us to win every game from now until the end of the season mainly for these matchday threads rather than actually going for promotion Confused. Top notch again.
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too good BU  Funny Funny Funny
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Hull are in good form and with Bowen, Grosiki and Campbell in the side I think they're a huge threat to our defense who aren't comfortable against players who are good with the ball at their feet. I'll go for a cautious 1-1, but given our home record, like others I wouldn't be in the least surprised to lose this.

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