End of the season message to Predictors.

I must say I have really enjoyed my first full season managing the predictions.
I suppose I can say that I will be happy to continue next season hoping I am in good health.
But if some one out there thinks that they would like to give it a try I will step back and let them get on with it their way.

A big thanks as to be said to a few of the old hands that helped me in the beginning because I really did not have a clue.
ChipBarrington for sorting out the fixtures for me, me not being a computer friendly person needed his help badly.
Macca and Trekkers for the advice.
Most of all a big thank you to the 24 that took part and made up the 2 leagues .

I know we lost 2 along the way in MrMaz and 2plus2, in their defence they were new and never realised the commitment that is needed week in week out in the competition. Hopefully now they have had a taste they will return next season fully committed.
Hoping to see a few new faces next season as well and hoping that all who took part this season will sign back up again for next.

Anybody out there got any ideas on running it any smoother I would love to hear from them oh and anybody got any idea's on how to get over the No Shows. (I must admit I hate not having a full card.)

Perhaps if everyone sent me a spare list of predictions so that just in case something comes up that takes you away for a few weeks and you cannot predict I could substitute those predictions.That way we would have stopped the No Shows. 
But I must stress that there will have to be a number limit of these in case some one flukes it and had tons of substitutions and wins a league, so perhaps say 5 and anything over that they could not win the league. It only seems fair.  Smile

Anyways have a think and get back to me in the meantime enjoy the rest and your holidays and hopefully I will be back in a month or two with the new fixture list.

Waiting for the day when Boro start to play football again.
Hopefully I will still be alive n kicking by then.
Got my trophy yesterday MM. Thanks, it looks great in my little trophy cabinet Big Grin

It's been fun bud, Thanks for all the hard work
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It was a great competition and very well run throughout the year MM. You can pencil me in again for next year. Well done to each of the winners from the two leagues. You are both now there to be shot at next year Smile
Trophy looks good on the mantelpiece even colour coordinated with the new fire, UTB
Thanks MM for the hours you must have put into keeping it going
Cheers MM.
Can't wait for next season's competition. Best league in the land!!!
Be good to have increased numbers for next season, providing everyone is fully committed  and predicts each week.

Please don't enter next season if you won't have the time to predict, it will upset MM and we don't want that...........
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