The "if only" thread

Yes it is still possible that by some strange set of circumstances we could still finish 6th and keep our season alive but the "if only" already applies to this frustrating season where only till the last few weeks our top 6 position did seem assured.

What are your "if only" moments.

Obviously the one that stands out a mile is "if only we had not gone on a 6 match loosing run" a win and a draw during that period and we would be in pole position

What a killer that was, yes we have berated and moaned aspects about the current regime but I still would have liked us to be there! far!!!
If only we'd kept traore for another season. His pace made Pulis' tactics a lot more palatable and made watching us a lot more exciting. Plus we badly miss his corners! I think we'd have been promoted automatically if we'd kept him
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If only we won the play-off final. I really think things would’ve been better if we went up that season. So many of our issues in the premier league came from the divisions caused in our actual promotion season. Maybe we would’ve still been relegated but I don’t think the unity would’ve been damaged in the same way.

Edit: just saw you said current regime...
If only we hadn't sold Bamford.
If only we would had won that UEFA cup final..... I think things would have been different.....
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If only we hadn't appointed Pulis.
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It’s quite simple really. If only Pulis was not appointed we would have been promoted.
If only Gibson backed Karanka in the January transfer window whilst in the Prem. If we'd have bought in the likes of Jese, Bojan, Snodgrass or Deulofeu instead of Gestede and Guediora, we might still be playing in the top flight.
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Biggest if onlys of my life time:

If only Robson could build a defense

If only we hadnt given the job to Southgate and dismantled the team

If only we either sacked Karanka after Charlton or backed him in Jan.

If only Karanka saw out the season

The other things set us back and wasted a bit of money but these things feel like they completely could have changed our recent history.

With regarda to Monk/Pulis...if only one of them had a regular game plan and system which they wanted to play, not stumble upon, which was clear to us and demonstrated an understanding of best utilising the players they have whilst trying to win playing something resembling football...

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