The Play-offs

So who are you hoping will win it? I’m hoping wba go up. The have a very good squad, seems financially stable and have another two years of parachute payments so I think they will be very dangerous next season as they can afford another go. The other teams might be in financial bother if they don’t go up so that might make it a bit easier for us.

I think Villa are going to go up though. So much firepower in that team.
Leeds for me.
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Out of the 4 I want West Brom to win but think Villa will win it overall. It would be interesting how they would get around FFP next season if they fail though.
In terms of who I like the most: Derby cause of Lampard

In terms of what will benefit us most: agree with you BD, West Brom
Villa look the strongest team we've played this season. Especially when Grealish is fit. He's a premier league player all day.

So I think West Brom will get promoted.
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Think I’d like to see Villa up, think it’ll be a Leeds/Villa final, but Leeds have been awful last few games so maybe Derby might snatch it.
Can’t see West Brom doing it.
West Brom purely because I don’t like Leeds, Villa and derby (in that order)
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Honestly don't care as long as it's not Leeds. Agree that WBA would be in the strongest position next year so might be good to see the back of them.
I got 33/1 on Villa a few months ago so I'm hoping they go up.

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