Season Review

Now that the season is over it would be interesting to see everyone's take on the season.

Player of the season:
Signing of the season:
Worst signing of the season:
Goal of the season:
Most improved player:
Most disappointing player:
Highlight of the season:
Low point of the season:

Player of the season: Randolph - no two ways about it

Signing of the season: Mikel - despite me not agreeing with the wages allocation, he had more of an impact than any other signing...and he didnt really have an impact either.

Worst signing of the season: Hugill - Only a loan, but he was supposed to appease the selling of Bamford to Leeds. One of the worst i've ever seen play for Boro and i've seen Maxi Haas play.

Goal of the season: Lewis Wing vs Palace

Most improved: Fletcher - Wing/Fry obvious shouts but Fletcher has gone from looking like a huge waste of money to something fairly integral moving forward. Really like him and Britt up front together. He has got the technique to fit in with a free flowing form of football. 

Most disappointing: Flint - I had really high hopes of him, especially when you look at his goalscoring record before this season. Got worse as the season went on and has only scored once all season.

Highlight of the season: Genuinely, the kit release...says it all really. 

Low point of the season: Newport away was a really really dark moment. I think that game broke me.
Player of the season: Randolph is the obvious choice, not sure many will disagree with that. Outside of the net, it'd be Fry or Howson for consistency.

Signing of the season: McNair (hear me out!!). He hasn't really been given much of a chance so far, but for some reason I think he's going to come good and hopefully be a key player for us. Mikel was obviously a good signing, but no longevity in the decision and he'll be off soon. I don't think the other signings (Saville or Flint) are ever going to be key signings for us.

Worst signing of the season: Hugill (despite being a loan). The one thing we did right this season was just signing him on loan instead of on a permanent.

Goal of the season: Wing v Leeds. Technically not the best goal of the season, but probably the one I celebrated the hardest.

Most improved player: Ashley Fletcher. Written off by the majority of the fan base, but he's played well the second half of the season. Hope our next manager keeps him, and nurtures him.

Most disappointing player: Aden Flint. Lots of hype about him, and just has looked distinctly average to me. Also hasn't contributed enough to goals from set pieces compared to his previous seasons.

Highlight of the season: Boro v Leeds for the majority of the game until the last minute equaliser. Actually played well and gave me hope that we might put on a promotion push.

Low point of the season: More of a generic thing but probably the steadily increasing apathy towards the club in general, caring less and not renewing my season ticket for the first time in years.
Player of the season: No brainer in Darren Randolph, best keeper since Schwarzer and probably won us as many points on his own as the other 10 on the pitch put together.

Signing of the season: not a great bunch to pick from so I'll go for a more obscure one - Sam McQueen - a player signed in a position we actually needed to strengthen and we probably would have seen more of him. A less obscure one would be Mikel.

Worst signing of the season: definitely Besic for me, his one highlight was Towelgate and I honestly don't think he wanted to be here, we won't miss him.

Goal of the season: I liked britts goal against Blackburn, good bit of hold up, good team passing and a lovely strike. Special mention for every Lewis wing goal.

Most improved: Wings rise has been meteoric in terms of non league, to league two then to comfortably establishing himself as a brilliant player in the championship, hopefully he keeps on improving!

Most disappointing: Besic again for me, not sure if its over expectation on my part or underachievement on his but he should boss a midfield at this level and wasn't as good as last season.

Highlight: the 3-0 win against Sheffield United and having that early belief, nothing could go wrong from then right? Right??

Low point: although hopes were already low by this point, definitely the 6 defeats in a row . Less said the better.
Player - Randolph or perhaps Wing for at least thinking about attacking in games.

Best signing - Van La Parra cos it's funny.

Worst signing - Van La Parra cos it isn't funny.  You can take your pick from most of them.

Goal - Assombalonga v Blackburn maybe.  Assombalonga at Bristol City was some decent football and Hugill at home against Wigan was decent, nice first touch from Braithwaite after a rare long ball and a good volley from Hugill.

Improved player - None.

Disappointing player - Again you can take your pick but I'd select from Downing, Flint, Ayala, Friend, Saville, Besic.

Highlight - When the season ended probably.  First half an hour against Sheff Utd?  Second half comeback at West Brom?  Not many really when you think that we finished 7th.

Low point - Burton at home.  Absolutely *** dismal even worse than Newport in my opinion.  The cup defeat there was away on a dodgy pitch.  At home in a quarter final and we played down to their level for most of it.  The two Villa games were pretty bad as well.
Player of the season:  I’d be surprised to see anyone put any other name but Randolph.  His brilliance kept us thinking that we could make the playoffs regardless of the other players doing their utmost to destroy that belief.
Signing of the season: Out of Flint/McNair/Savile/Besic/Michel? None of them.  Getting Fry to sign a long-term contract was the bet signing.  Let’s just hope we can keep him.

Worst signing of the season:  Van La Parra.  Who?  (Although in fairness he could have been decent if used.  We’ll never know…..)

Goal of the season:  Downing’s goal to make it 3 – 0 after 25 minutes V Sheffield United.  We still had belief then…..

Most improved player:  Probably Fry. He was good anyway but seems to have really matured this season.

Most disappointing player(s):  
Hugill: He spent more time laying on the ground than upright.
Besic: Not the player he was the season before.
Flint: Really disappointing return of goals at set-pieces.  Dodgy defending at times.
Braithwaite: For jumping ship.
Savile: Maybe a bit harsh here but he cost loads and hasn’t really justified the expense.  Looks only average.  Could prove to be ok next season hopefully when fully settled into the team/area.  (Okay, I’m looking for excuses.  This is wishful thinking.)

Highlight of the season:  The first 30 minutes of the game at home against Sheffield United when we went 3 – 0 up.

Low point(s) of the season:  There are many:
·       The away game against Nottm. Forest when it became clear that we had been clutching at straws thinking that we’d turned the corner again with a couple of victories after the 6 defeats.  The performance there was truly dreadful.
·       The underuse of McNair.
·       The false expectation of the January transfer window.
·       The overuse of negative tactics.
·       Unforgiveable results against lower league opposition in the Cup competitions.
·       And generally the awful football for the whole season, which has thrilled no-one and alienated many supporters.
·       The announcement of rising costs for season ticket holders for 2019-20.
·       The fact it’s May and Pulis is still here.
There are lots more but it’s teatime and my meal will be stone cold by the time I finish writing about the low points. Got to stop now before the wife starts yelling at me……..
Player of the season: Randolph.

Signing of the season: Mikel. Some games he looked 3 steps ahead of other players. Oozed class when he wanted.

Worst signing of the season: Van La Parra. Why sign him if you had 0 intention of playing him. Worst on the pitch? Flint. How he hasnt scored goals from set pieces says it all about how our season has panned out.

Goal of the season: Britts curler from outside the area.

Most improved player: Fletcher. Love how hes gone from flop to first team starter. Maybe that's a bonus moving forward that we have good players here already,its just finding a way to get the best out of them.

Most disappointing player: George Friend. Just slowly declined from the great player he was for us. I think watching him cross has made my hair turn grey.

Highlight of the season: winning 800 quid from a pound on the Sheff Wed game.

Britt and reach both to score, Friend, Bannon, clayton and over 7 corners. (I went crazy when Friend slammed into someone and got his yellow)

Low point of the season: Tony Pulis still being here when Jakanovic is STILL without a club.
Player of the season: Randolph

Signing of the season: I haven’t been too stoked by any of them, Obi Mikel at a push

Worst signing of the season: Hugill, our recruitment department managed to find a worse player than Gestede, way to go recruitment department

Goal of the season: the one where Ayala fell over and it hit his hand and went in.

Most improved player: Wing

Most disappointing player: Hugill, I expected very little from him, but I did think he’d be capable of at least staying on his feet.

Highlight of the season: the last minute goal against West Brom

Low point of the season: The last minute goal against Leeds.
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None if mine will be any different from anyone who's already posted so I'm not gonna bother going through them all.

The only place I differ is the low point. The low point of this reason for me is when an underachieving forest team beat us with ease and with attacking prowess whilst being managed by karanka. That's when I knew for sure we were a thousand light years away from being a team capable of being promoted.
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Player of the season: Randolph. We'd be mid-table without him.

Signing of the season: Mikel. Could have been a Rolls-Royce in midfield, but he's been Pulised into a Skoda.

Worst signing of the season: In a congested field, I'd have to say Hugill. I had hopes he'd be a Yakubu-style battering ram, but instead we got another Michael Ricketts. And that's probably being harsh on Ricketts.

Goal of the season: Any scored by Lewis Wing.

Most improved player: Wing again. Non-league to our one exciting player.

Most disappointing player: Flint. What happened to the set piece threat he was supposed to bring us?

Highlight of the season: The end.

Low point of the season: Most of the rest. The two cup defeats. Six defeats on the spin. Pulis blaming everyone but himself. Gibson's omerta. Watching an eight-man defence getting nosebleeds in the oppsoition half. Friend's sad decline. The swathes of empty seats around the Riverside. VLP leaving without a kick when we desperately needed width. Playing a wingback formation without wingbacks. Gestede still being here. The lies from Pulis. Oh God, the lies...
Player of the season: Randolph
Signing of the season: Mikel
Worst signing of the season: Hugill
Goal of the season: Wing vs Palace
Most improved player: Fry
Most disappointing player: Shotton/Friend
Highlight of the season: None. Pure hot garbage
Low point of the season: Villa or Newport County. Borderline felt sick in both of these.

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