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    • I'm just glad to get sport back, at the end of the day if a team has a slight advantage to another who cares.  Its the same with covid, a team could lose a star player for a fortnight if they catch it just like teams can be unlucky with injuries.  I saw Lampard moaning about it the other day and some times I think you've got to suck it up and get on with it. Life's not fair and sometimes football isn't either.  
    • You say that but when there is 20,000 people in there, noise is coming from all over really.  I'm trying to think what the lowest attendances were that I've been to at the Riverside.  Sampdoria friendly years back must have been a few thousand.  There was an FA Cup replay against Wimbledon in January that didn't have too many there.  Some early round cup games obviously as well.  The atmosphere is usually rubbish and those attendances would have all been higher than a couple of thousand.
    • Wasn't Am I Evil Diamond Head (NWOBHM) rather than King Diamond?
    • The Mackems I know are all delighted he's gone.  The football was terrible apparently, amongst other things.
    • Respectfully disagree. Two thousand people make most of the noise in the Riverside, so if we just let Red Faction in, I doubt the players would notice any difference in atmosphere compared to a pre-COVID matchday!
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