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    • That’s probably the team I’d go for aswell. Maybe Howson in for Morsy, but not fussed either way tbh. Want to see Saville back in the team, not entirely sure why he was dropped in the first place. Only midfielder we have capable of getting goals.
    • Just read how Pulis reckons we'd of won the league if didn't sell Bamford, Traore and Gibson no *** sherlock.  The problem was though you benched Bamford isolated him so he wanted to move. Second you replaced them with Saville and Flint 🤡. If you had the skills Brentford had you would of signed better players ya muppet honestly. 
    • I think there’s a lot of unfair criticism of Britt he is/was playing up to his standard. At championship level he is a 14/15 goal a season guy.   The expectation that he would suddenly become a 20+ striker is in my eyes unreasonable especially on the back of his injuries and playing at club that isn’t exactly adventurous or blessed with creative players. I think he is suffering because of his wage packet in a similar way Scott McDonald did.
    • If we were to play a back four, i'd play it the same way @Neverbefore with Howson in there fitness dependent as you say. Allows the full backs to concentrate on what they're good at which is defending and lets our creative talent do their thing. Morsy should balance things out if he plays his natural game.
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