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The Greatest Squad - Boro Edition (#4)

The Greatest Squad - Boro Edition (#4)  

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  1. 1. Who is the greatest player to be given the #4 squad number for Boro?

    • Steve Vickers
    • Ugo Ehiogu
    • Dani Ayala
    • George Friend

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  • Poll closed on 05/02/2020 at 01:30 PM

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#3 Winner: Franck Queudrue




Next up, #4. Your contenders:

Steve Vickers
Spent 8 years at the Boro, winning the Player of the Year award in his debut season after signing from Tranmere Rovers for £700k. Another contender for the Greatest Squad who saddled the change of eras from Ayresome Park to The Riverside. An almost permanent fixture in the side through both of the Robson promotions.

Ugo Ehiogu
A towering, commanding centre back, but not without a little skill and flair to boot. Pacy, exceptional aerial ability, strong in the tackle, Ugo was a defender ahead of his time. Signed by Steve McClaren for £8m, Ugo was beloved of Boro fans, and was the gentlest, kindest man you'd ever meet off the pitch too. "A tremendous player, and an even better man." RIP, Ugo.

Dani Ayala
A mainstay and lynchpin in the Boro defence for the last 7 years. In hindsight, and absolute bargain at £350k - with his aerial ability important at both ends of the pitch. Has grown more cultured in his game he's matured, and has consistently been one of the best centre backs in the Championship for many, many years.

George Friend
Gorgeous George is back for a second go! A contender for the best £100k Boro have spent? Certainly in recent years. A player with little excitement surrounding his arrival who went from strength to strength, became a fan favourite, and was a key part of Karanka's side which got us back to the Premier League. Top bloke too.


As I put this one up a little later, voting closes at 2:30pm tomorrow. UTB!

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I didn't end up seeing too much of Ugo with me getting involved from 04/05 onwards and he was out of the team a lot to Riggott. But I don't think there's much doubt he's a better all-round player than Ayala has been. Got to be Ugo.

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Aye, I genuinely think that, when fit, Ugo was arguably a better player than Southgate. Shame that he was injured quite so much, otherwise he'd have been a key player for England too I reckon. 

And aye, Smogster - Jesus... Imagine what could've been with Southgate, Ehiogu, Emerson, Juninho, Ravanelli et al.in the same squad... 😳

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I still remember when we signed Ugo. I was absolutely buzzing. I loved him from his Villa days. Then he got injured on his debut v Charlton away i think. I was sooooo gutted. Remember constantly checking teletext to see how long he was out for. Top player. The way he Southgate complimented each other was a joy. RIP big man.

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Totally agree with the comments about Ugo and a realist as well.

When Daniel was younger I took him to an away game at Fratton Park where we gave an abysmal performance but at least Ugo came over to him and apologised for the way we had played and took off the most sweated up top known to man, it was dripping, and gave it to him.

This same shirt is framed and hangs up in Teddy's bedroom now and you can still see the sweat marks

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    • I just don't think we can criticise the man management here without being privvy to the conversations behind the scenes. You don't know if those players have made the decision to not train with the side. It does now seem like an error not to have him involved earlier, but that's with hindsight and without the benefit of the full story. so... Just one of those things for me, no one should be getting particular criticism for it. 
    • I don't know whether I'd be shocked or not to hear Akpom is on that much. Shocked because I'd be surprised we spent that much at that time on a single player's wages but also not that surprised because this club has wasted all kinds of money on wages. I don't get the feeling Wilder would have taken one less player on his pre-season because he had higher wages, though, if he thought he was a good player, particularly given the striker shortage. I can't see the club being very bothered about one year of a £20k deal either (so much as to block Wilder from using him), it's entirely dependent on whether we could actually sign better for less than the £1m in wages we would have committed to that player and that £1m was unlikely to be recouped entirely because who else would pay £20k a week for him? We'd be paying some of that and it would likely have been another loan deal. I very much believe Wilder didn't want him here and it's only as the window has continued to move at a snail's pace that he saw fit to bring him back into the fold. I don't think many Boro fans would have wanted Akpom to stay either so it's hardly a surprising situation that the manager wouldn't, it's just I'd expect the manager who is paid to get the best out of our squad not to dismiss a player he's ultimately never seen anything of in training, especially when he's under contract. Now it seems like he sees some value in him. Perhaps it's not his perfect striker but he's contracted at the club and at a time when we've struggled for forwards, a full pre-season could perhaps have helped us start the season better. In a perfect world, Wilder would have had his other targets in and Akpom would be gone but you know, baby and bathwater and all that. Feel like that's one of my favourite phrases at this point.
    • Prediction for the Week: Hoppe and a midfielder on loan. Feel we need 6-7 signings to compete and have enough depth for January. LCB, CDM, RCM, ST, ST, ST at a minimum. Ideally another LCM and a creative wide player to rotate with Giles & Jones. Personally, I'd move Bola & Watmore on if we get offers of 500k-£1m.
    • I disagree. Part of the pre-season is to build the team bond. If you have people who aren't wanted, they most likely won't really be the happiest campers around the rest of the team. That makes them slightly toxic, I'd guess. I would think that Akpom was very much hoping for a move, as were the club (big wages for a player who isn't in your plans). From Chuba's point of view, his only time playing here was for a manager who didn't play a game which suits him. If moves fell through, then maybe it started to make more sense to bring him in for a short while to build up numbers. After all, he's more likely to play than Uche. Does seem like our recruitment was maybe more forward thinking in selecting him than we've been giving them credit for.

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