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Middlesbrough’s Premier League Goalkeepers

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I grew up as Schwarzer took the reigns so I didn't see anyone else really for ages so I struggled on a lot of these lol, Pears was the only one pre Schwarzer that I got, and my mind totally erased Brad Guzan. Struggled on the ones post Schwarzer pre Brad Jones but got there eventually.

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Got 53%. Totally failed on Walsh but I wanted it bad! Also failed on Guzan, gutted with that one, should have had it.


Poor Guzan, everyone's subconsciously erased him. 😔

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    • Which is why I dont get the clamour for 2 up top. Whether we play one or 2 up front we rarely score. We might as well keep it tight, frustrate and see what happens. If we had an Ian Baird type forward then it might suit us but with the limited soft forwards we have its a waste of a position.
    • Lambs are nastier than that......more like being savaged by a dead sheep
    • Yeh  the goals scored column doesn't lie, but I can honestly say that at the end of the QPR game I wasn't saying our players couldn't have given anymore. Warnock has spoken about defending from the front I watched  QPR defenders when they had the ball  with plenty of time to pass not  getting closed down or hurried. A QPR team with very little to play for should have come off that pitch bruised and battered known they'd been in a game rather than feeling they'd being mauled by a lamb.
    • not sure marcus browne is going to do a job at left back..
    • That's Marcus Browne off to Wembley.
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