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5 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

Might be right mate. I didn’t see a replay if there was one, I was just going on what I saw in real time.

Yeah there was a replay from behind the goal which was pretty conclusive.

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Steve Gibson needs to look himself in the mirror and question whether he’s letting his personal loyalty towards Woodgate cloud his, apparent, objective judgement of an absolutely incompetent manager.

I can see the argument for how they’ve played in training and for Woodgate basing their starting performances based on how they’ve played, but as we’ve seen that constant chopping and changes has yiel

Quick bit of maths  if you put £3 on at 91/1 means .... .... You lose £3 

Posted Images


Spence Shotton Fry Coulson

        McNair/clayton   Howson

Nmecha  Wing     Roberts/Tav 



I mean do we go with something like that in second half? really positive 

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1 minute ago, Neverbefore said:

I dont think weve been terrible going forward. Actually weve looked dangerous at times.

Swansea just took advantage of our absolutely inept back 5. Unfortunately we are not blessed with options in that area of the pitch 

it's not even a back five, it's a back four.

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1 minute ago, boro-unger said:

Have they moved the goals or something? We'd headed wide left three times now

Yeah. I think they’re both down or end 🤦‍♂️

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I'm absolutely sickened by this. Woodgate should have been sacked about 6 months ago (or even better, not appointed in the first place) and now he's going to take us down.

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    • The signings so far have screamed mid table championship club because that is where we are now.    I will be surprised if we can get a team that is functioning and gelling and will gladly eat my words if we do. But, we are signing players who are underwhelming because that’s where we are now, an underwhelming club. 
    • Jury's out on the keeper, centre/right-back cover, an injured winger... I'm relatively pleased with Crooks and Ikpeazu so far in what we've seen but even then, it's when we play the Championship sides that we'll see what they're actually made of. It's not screaming promotion side right now.
    • Dont necessarily agree with that. Going after Brown or Bryan is not a reflection of Bamba’s ability but a reflection that Bamba is not left footed and therefore cannot play left back. I can see us signing Bamba AND one of Brown/Bryan but i think ideally NW wants Brown/Bryan as they can cover both positions.  For what its worth i am hoping NW forced to play Coulson v Fulham and the lad has a great game and ends up staying. I think Coulson at LWB could excel and it seems certain its wing backs we will play this season. People will rightly say that NW clearly does not want Coulson but he also thought Bola was garbage when he first seen and Bola soon changed his mind. Coulson could do same at LWB if given chance.
    • Really like the look of Crooks from what little we've seen so far, even Ikpeazu looks much better than I anticipated but maybe I'm just biased now he's signed Ameobi and Lumley have no feelings towards really, just making up the numbers  Badly need a goalscorer and a few creators bringing in 
    • I'm happy with Ikpeazu cause I think he'll suit the system and we only paid 600k for him. Other than that they're underwhelming. Keeper looks absolutely mid-table. We've not really improved in any areas though.

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