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I’m a University student and currently studying the effects that Coronavirus (COVID-19) will have on football clubs. Middlesbrough is one of these clubs however our survey results so far show that Middlesbrough fans are unrepresented compared to other clubs. If you could fill out this survey that will help the club transition out of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I would appreciate it massively.



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    • Got a competition launching if your interested.   Predict all the scores in the Prem games this weekend 5 Points if you get the correct score 2 Points for correct result Person with the most points takes the pot   £5 a go Join the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1606647006164160/ Entry Form.xlsx
    • At this point I'd usually go check out how Millwall were doing and figure out how we could beat them. But whilst Stoke wasn't exactly a masterclass, the last two games in particular have left me bereft of confidence in this side. This squad isn't built out of League One quality players and yet the lack of quality coming from players at the moment makes it look like they are. Our passing and movement is so key to the way Warnock wants us to play but I just don't think anyone is really tackling this task together right now. We see some individual quality on display, particularly from Roberts and Britt at times in the last few games, but it's just not coming together as a unit. The final ball or decision is made too late, too strong or too weak. I agree with some others that I don't think that effort is necessarily the issue... it's just quality when and where it matters. We don't have a single player in the squad right now who's capable of planting a ball on a player's noggin on a consistent basis from a dead ball, never mind when in the flow of play. Still, the team? Hopefully Spence is back... this is what comes to mind. Stojanovic Spence Fry Friend Coulson Tav Howson Saville Roberts Fletcher Britt
    • I so thought that this match was on at 5pm.  Let's hope my 2pm work meeting takes less than an hour.  (Or do I want the meeting to go on for ages so that I avoid seeing how rubbish we are?)
    • Which is why I dont get the clamour for 2 up top. Whether we play one or 2 up front we rarely score. We might as well keep it tight, frustrate and see what happens. If we had an Ian Baird type forward then it might suit us but with the limited soft forwards we have its a waste of a position.
    • Lambs are nastier than that......more like being savaged by a dead sheep
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