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What a bloody mess. This season is everything wrong with this club encapsulated in 9 months.  - Terribly Ran  - Owner that refuses to accept any criticism  - players on ridiculous infla

If we do go down, the club has to be taken to town for it. Absolutely has to be. We were in the Premier League 3 years ago. Now we're looking more and more likely to be in League One. Owner has to own

I love how Boro fans on BBC Tees are saying that we should of stuck with Pulis. Comments like that just sum up our fans atm and how poor the club is getting run.  Blinded fans that probably haven

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Thought id pop over to the Qpr forum, just too see if their views on us where any different to our own. Unfortunately nope they said we were dreadful too and no positive comments on us that I could see.

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Personally, I think the cunning plan went wrong when Woody put the turnips on the pitch in red shirts ............in my nightmare we actually do appoint a Director of Football and at the press conference they reveal its Agnew......oh well, back to the drawing board (if we haven't lost that as well)  

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Well.. today was a new kind of bad.. instead of being taken apart we just looked lost and devoid of any confidence... Just going through the players..

Dejan: I thought did alright, must wonder what sort of club he's came into

Howson: Looks less and less a right back every-time he's there. Get him back into DM asap

Fry: That piece of defending early in the first half that they replayed a few times sums him up as a player

Friend: Battles but keeps costing us

Johnson: Out of position. I'd sooner start Coulson left back and use Johnson further up the pitch. Always thought he looked a tidy player as a right sided forward

Moukoudi: Probably the best CB at the club plonked into midfield. I understand the thinking but it didn't work

Saville: Waste of a shirt. Too slow & limited

Ravel: See above + overrated. How is he in the side over Wing (scores goals) and Tav (goals+work rate)?

Roberts: Best performer but still overplays/tries constantly to do too much

Britt: Not playing to his strengths.. whatever they are these days

Fletcher: Probably our best striker which says a lot about our strikers

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3 hours ago, ballyclover said:

I've been told that the reason Woodgate is still at the club is that he has only lost the managers job on a temp basis. If we go down there are plans to give him the job again with a complete rebuild and a plan to return to PL as Sheffield did. If we stay up it will be woodgate with an experienced side kick or DOF. Gibson still believes Woodgate has the potential. The person who told me this is friends with a manager at sports management company and deals with someone at the club..non player.

Might be ***....but wouldn't surprise me

Brilliant idea to put the guy back in charge who nobody wanted in the 1st place and was a major reason in taking the club down... no better way to lift morale between the club and its fans lol.... I don't even think Gibson would be stupid enough to do that do you?

Having said that the club is already a laughing stock so I suppose we can't look any worse.

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6 hours ago, VikingKingAdam said:

Depends on how long this corona farce will run for and how long the sheeple will continue to believe its a deadly virus! 

If you don't believe it's a deadly virus, then you are a complete and utter moron. 

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    • I thought we won some kind of award a few years ago?  Might have been medical rather than sports science, mind.
    • What a signing this lad is turning out to be.    
    • Honestly I might be totally naive but I've never heard of this until today, has it been reported in the press, or is it something you need to be ITK to be be aware of?   We've all criticised the club for recruitment as it has looked poor from the outside looking in but I wasn't aware of an amateurish sports science department. I'm not trying to have an argument I've just never heard this before. 
    • I'm not sure how relevant having access to information is quite honestly. What information do you think would change people's minds about homosexuality?  Is there any that could suddenly take someone from 'I hate it' to 'I think it's fine'?  I'm not so sure?  There's plenty of people in this country who don't like homosexuality, and as I said, it wasn't that long ago that it was illegal here.  As I also said, it is a religious thing.  Even in this country it was essentially illegal because the dominant religion here held that it was wrong.  The difference isn't that we are more enlightened, I think it's just that we are less religious, and this secularism, especially in newer generations, is what is removing the stigma attached to homosexuality.  I don't believe it is ignorance and it's too easy to label it as such.  They know exactly why they believe what they do. 
    • We've had 2 old school managers in quick succession, I'd guess some moved on due to lack of input.

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