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Boro v Bristol City 1-3 (Assombalonga)

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On 7/9/2020 at 5:21 PM, AnglianRed said:

Trouble is, Boro have a bit of a track record of fluffing opportunities like this.

Head says we will find some way to blow this. Heart says we'll make it 2 out of 2. Prediction: Boro 1 - 0 Bristol.

I hate it when my head's right... ☹️

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Just leaving this here:

I feel like I have to keep pointing this out- karanka got us from relegation to 12th in this first half season loaning only ayala. In his first full season he got us into the play off final spending l

Who do you think you are kidding Bristol City, If you think the match is won? We are the boys who will stop your little game. We are the boys who will make you think again. 'Cause who do you t

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Just now, Neverbefore said:

Change of shape but back to one up front with fletcher off... let's see how this works but I'm not sure about that at all

Really depends on how close to them Roberts and Tav play to him, but yes, I'm dubious too.

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6 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

Seems very reluctant to make changes, no trust in the bench.

Get Tav on.

In fairness there isn't much reason to trust the bench. Far too wooden - not nearly mobile enough... 

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    • I can't be bothered to sift through an english version of the rulebook, but I saw a link to the Danish version of the international rules and it specifically says, that the keeper at all times must be fully functional ie. not injured and if he is not then the ref must immediatly stop play. It would be odd if the rules aren't the same since they are international rules by IFAB. So yes, the ref should have stopped play, which they usually do whenever a keeper drops to the floor and looks injured. Had he blown before Rowe took the shot it wouldn't have stood. As it were the refereeing team looked lost and I imagine the VAR room came to the conclusion that the ref didn't stop play before they ball went in and no one can be blamed. It was just justice that it was a Man U player who injured him - but that was impossible for the ref to see in live. In short, the rules say he needs to stop the game when the keeper is injured. It happens all the time. How often do you see play continue with the keeper injured on the floor? That's a bit of an overinterpretation considering keepers already have special attention when it comes to injuries. So they can already do that and get play stopped. I mean you sometimes get keepers that drop to the floor and the ref stops play. But they don't do that because the ref might not be able to blow the whistle in time. Just like you don't see many players feigning head injuries despite meaning the ref has to stop play immediatly in that instance too.
    • I would imagine he'd cost a bomb? Especially after the couple of seasons he had there.
    • I've been saying for ages we should try to sign Woodman, I'm surprised Swansea didn't try to sign him permanently tbh
    • I love Leo and I hope he has a job at Boro for life, if he chooses.
    • Freddie Woodman to be made available by Newcastle. He’d be an upgrade on our current stable of keepers.

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