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The Summer/Autumn transfers thread 2020 aka TURN DOWN FOR WHAT(more)

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5 hours ago, AnglianRed said:

That was probably CT...he loves a good apocalypse story (assuming you meant "revelations" in the biblical sense). 😁

No, not me squire but here's one I just wrote now. 

A season going absolutely nowhere, watching dreadful football, while a manager who isn't going to be here very long makes decisions that will effect the club for years.  But, that French bloke who wanted £35k per week now only wants £15k, and we're getting desperate, so we'll sign him.  Let's all do cartwheels 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️

Oh yeah and a few weird looking dudes on horses, some earthquakes, cries and a bit of trumpeting for good measure 🎺


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Hi guys! PAOK fan here from Greece. You are getting a really hard worker in Akpom. He is a top lad and a good professional. When he first came, he was considered a bench player. It was the 2018-19 sea

Morsy nearly done

Williams fee nearly agreed. 1.75million rising to 2.5 (So 1.75 then 😂).

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4 minutes ago, Smogzilla said:

I did one of those Ancestry dna tests and found I was 10% Norwegian/ Swedish. If that counts

3.1 Norsepeople of the Apocalypse.

Well I think if that's the way we're going half the forum can probably pool together to eventually make that final 4th person.

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  • Borodane changed the title to The Summer/Autumn transfers thread 2020 (playing the Chuba?)

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    • We are linked to every journeyman going 
    • Just looking at the actual comments made by BD, a couple of things come to mind. For one, the comment BD responded to was the one suggesting we go to the foreign market to buy players, not them. Secondly, BD has said it wasn't personal, that it could have been phrased better and I guess that's up to you whether you believe that or not but it's worth remembering that whilst they demonstrate excellent English skills, they aren't English and perhaps it would be mindful to think about that before jumping on them. Finally, BD is right, people do make comments like DR said. To look at the European market where better, cheaper transfers can be found, DR isn't alone in that. A lot of people do and have done even in the years following the original vote. That will be people all across the ~50/50, of course and it stands to reason there will be plenty of people annoyed by the fact 'we' voted that way not just for, but inclusive of the way we wanted our football club to be run. But ultimately BD is right that it is at the very least naïve to think we can operate in that market the way others have done in the past. We'll see how the laws around work permits change from here on but we left the EU and lost the freedom of movement and that inevitably brought challenges to recruitment, not just in the football industry. If you remember the time around the vote itself, immigration was a bloody huge topic so I'd be surprised if it changed that much. After all, why should footballers be any different? There are arguments for and against the long-term effects too, perhaps the development of players in this country can improve with a league less saturated by foreign talent. But opportunity isn't the only thing that drives the collective improvement of football, even at our level. There can surely be no doubt that the influence of foreign, especially European players and coaches has been felt in English football. Previous to us leaving, that was just less chance of us bringing those people to the Championship and lower levels. It feels like that gap to talent is only getting made bigger between the top level and below with these changes in the long-term. The best teams will still be able to justify bringing the best players and coaches in, we might less capable.
    • With puns like that you should emulate Ukraine's no. 25....  Positively Netherlands 13 :)..     good end to end game..  Ukrainian keeper MOTM  
    • borodanes point on Brexit is stating fact - get over it people - you voted for it! As for previous signings Woody seems to have done ok but was hounded out by the keyboard warriors who are better than him . Similar to Mogga really but ..... As for the “uninspiring” potential signings perhaps someone wants to Chuck a few million to Gibbo so that he can sign a world beater or two ...thought not! the World is in a bad place and my only hope is that there is a Boro in 12/24 months time as there will be teams that go under. If we offer x and a player wants y then we say thanks but no thanks and move on. If that means a Wyke or a Smith is wearing the shirt then I am fine with that                        
    • Netherland's no 25 is really pulling up trees...

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