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The Summer/Autumn transfers thread 2020 aka TURN DOWN FOR WHAT(more)

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3 minutes ago, RiversideRed said:

Fulham are in talks to sign former Real Madrid goalkeeper Alphonse Areola from PSG on a season-long loan.

There's Bettinelli's replacement.

Poor Rodak wins promotion then gets shafted, I know we did it with Dimi but goalkeepers seem to always get replaced after promotion.

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Hi guys! PAOK fan here from Greece. You are getting a really hard worker in Akpom. He is a top lad and a good professional. When he first came, he was considered a bench player. It was the 2018-19 sea

Morsy nearly done

Williams fee nearly agreed. 1.75million rising to 2.5 (So 1.75 then 😂).

Posted Images

And that directly comes down to the constant changing of direction from Gibson himself.

I cant help but feel there's some irony in pursuing central midfielders as well, when we have a plethora of them. 

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4 minutes ago, Brunners said:

Now there is somewhere I can agree with you on. I said a minute ago I feel for him.

Moves for £1m - big money by our standards at the minute.
Has to wait to start a game. Gets his debut - season put on hold for like 4 months. Starts after the restart, manager that brought him in is immediately sacked and the new gaffer doesn't seem to rate him.

I really do think he's had it rough here.

No wonder we've had a lot of players turn us down, hard sell when we amble from one style/manager to the next. Players are aware of things like this. That's why we should be looking at having stability at the club in terms of a consistent style.

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1 minute ago, Adamjr9 said:

Warnock has told all of our goalkeepers they can leave according to Graeme Bailey

It would be daft to let them all leave.

Just ship out Meijas, and hope that Pears can be convinced to sign a long term contract before loaning him out.

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13 minutes ago, TheJew said:

I hardly think I've been confrontational. On the contrary.

I merely happen to think we have a massive problem with pace, creativity and width. Which we have had for some time now.

tav spence coulson fletch marv dijky are not exactly slow are they. i think what you mean is. when friend clayton ayala rudy and the other plodders n midfield all played we were as slow as ***. i'm sure under pulis shotton was our quickest player after adama left lol

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1 minute ago, Dynamo Kev said:

tav spence coulson fletch marv dijky are not exactly slow are they. i think what you mean is. when friend clayton ayala rudy and the other plodders n midfield all played we were as slow as ***. i'm sure under pulis shotton was our quickest player after adama left lol

Spence and Coulson are OK, but i still wouldn't say they offer a real attacking threat.

Marv used to be rapid, but he isnt at this level. Fletch isn't particularly quick. Neither is Djiky.

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If we're actually trying to toss Stoj away so easily then I don't like it, leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Surely if we have such a problem with him we can give him some actual coaching and let him attempt earn his spot. That's of course unless he wants to leave himself, he's on massive wages or we can recoup what we paid (I doubt).

Although Graeme Bailey is not very reliable at all, let's be honest.

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  • Borodane changed the title to The Summer/Autumn transfers thread 2020 (playing the Chuba?)

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    • Forget fancy Dan formations this squad is crying out for 442 two fast wingers ,Crooks and Tav in the middle ,a solid stay at home defenders ,find a goalie were all set.
    • Judging by the melt down on here, FMTTM, plus comments in the Gazette, Warnock is walking a tightrope. Anything less than a sterling display v Reading will seal his fate. A live match to ponder the teams short comings with NW's histrionics on the sideline will leave a lot of unhappy campers. Hopefully the team and Warnock are up to the challenge. UTB.
    • It’s not like they’d make a secret plan to get warnock to quit. The guy meant Scott will get on with the job he’s tasked to do, he will want to make an impression and get things going ASAP. His interference will probably annoy warnock who will most likely walk if results carry on as they are.  If gibson didn’t want Scott to throw his weight about and make certain decisions then he wouldn’t have employed him. Equally if gibson hadn’t given/promised Scott certain responsibilities then he probably wouldn’t have took the job. He isn’t just here to be a scout.
    • I think you are reading and interpreting what you want to get angry about rather than what i actually said. I expect every manager to have his approval on all signings even Warnock, even though he wont be here in a years time. Peltier was signed as cover for Fisher who we knew was out for a long while, we absolutely needed him. He clearly can plug a gap, not ideal, but he did ok at LB. we absolutely needed another CB. McNair is useless in a back 4 but ok in a back 3. Like I say, I expect every manager to plan for their team and have their approval over the choice of an owner. As for Scott, we have no way of knowing how successful he will be, what his Job description is or how much autonomy he will have, you are peeing in the wind if you hazard an answer. Gibson has always been hands on,, i don’t see that changing sadly. Since 2006 the owners vision has been wrong more than right, as have his appointments. Don’t take that to mean I am ungrateful for his efforts, without him, we’d not have a club, but goodness me he is due a right decision. I know he is trying his utmost but is having to do so with an imbalanced squad. He does not sign players, that isn’t his job it is Gibson and Bausor that do a deal or walk away. They have tried hard to fix the final third with more pace, flair and finishing, unfortunately the defence has been holed as a result.    I am not suggesting Spence and Coulson were great players, but they are better than nothing. Are you suggesting Warnock prefers Jones as a LB to Coulson? He doesn’t, he is having to make do and mend.  We have no holding midfielder. Howson is doing a job but it is not his best position. He is not refusing to sign foreign left backs at all, you are spinning his comments. He said they haven’t found anyone that fits the bill after being unable to fund UK based LB’s. Why you interpret it as a refusal is odd when he had no say over Morsy and some other signings is beyond silly. Getting a player to agree to come knowing they are going to be mere cover, from abroad especially, in a pandemic too, when you have no money, will not be a doddle, it isn’t like a pic and mix at the cinema.    Get off his back and support his efforts for now, he is not trying to set us up to fail, he has the best record of any manager in the league, but that was with his mix of players, blame the players for their part in the poor performances too and the goals we concede. Warnock deserves some criticism but it needs to be for his failures, not those of others. You can rejoice his departure come May which isn’t long for you to wait. 
    • Then it's not all about Scott. It'll never be all about anyone else with Gibson around. Scott undoubtedly doesn't want Warnock as manager to begin with, it doesn't fit with anything he's been involved in previously. Regardless though, Gibson isn't going to *** off his mate Warnock, he's not going to let someone dictate to Warnock how to do his job, and the idea that they'd try and annoy Warnock into quitting is ridiculous.

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