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The Summer/Autumn transfers thread 2020 aka TURN DOWN FOR WHAT(more)

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I was disappointed when we let Bryn go too.  He did however have a couple of problems mainly that he was not very mobile and also at times he didn't seem to know what he was supposed to be doing.  His retention of the ball was outstanding.

They did try him in several positions and that may have not helped but I saw him playing for England a couple of times and there his play was masterful - he was running the show.

Why could we not get that out of him in a Boro shirt ?  It seems a fair question.

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Hi guys! PAOK fan here from Greece. You are getting a really hard worker in Akpom. He is a top lad and a good professional. When he first came, he was considered a bench player. It was the 2018-19 sea

Morsy nearly done

Williams fee nearly agreed. 1.75million rising to 2.5 (So 1.75 then 😂).

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Danny, I take your point but we are not playing many of the guys you mention out of the current squad.  Fry has returned to being the Fry of old and very good he is too ( most of the time)  Woody is knocking on the door but its not opening much - not enough Senior experience  .......  where's he supposed to get it from ?  how old was Mowbray and co ?  where did they get their experience

Coulson cannot get a game as Warnock thinks he's something he's not.  Wingy has done ok but now cannot get a game ! etc. etc.

Spence looks idle and inept but he's not.  He does struggle with what he's supposed to do at times and his defensive  positioning does need some hard work but he's quick enough to get round that

Is it the players ?  is it the coaches ?  we probably cannot ever know completely but it is the players livelihoods and the clubs success.  They have to be their absolute best to make sure the club is

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I think if a lad comes through the Academy and is able to pursue a career in League football at any level, then we have to regard it as a success. Every so often, we unearth someone that stands out, but I would like to think we are amongst the best at producing quality youngsters at this level. The big fish obviously get the pick of the youngsters from all over the world, but we have had three or four lads reach international level in the last twenty years or so and I am struggling to remember anybody who has done that from Newcastle or Sunderland in that time. Somebody better at research than me will probably be able to come up with a rough figure, but I would be surprised if there aren't twenty or so Academy products still earning a living in English or Scottish football 

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10 hours ago, Rishworthian said:

I'm sorry Ben Liddell has gone. 

He has been impressive for the junior sides.  I was actually hoping that Warnock would get his hands on him and talk him into making the transition from junior to senior.  We have been notoriously bad at achieving this transition over recent years.  It is definitely time this issue was addressed otherwise we are spending a lot of money pointlessly.

It does not seem to matter how many age group England caps they gain if they do not transition from Junior to senior then there is little point in having an academy.

Having said that I do wish the lad well and I hope that he does "make it" what ever his / our opinion of "making it" may be 

If you haven't broke in and around the senior team by 22 then obviously it's best for both parties to go their separate ways.

Obviously not good enough as he's been out on loan several times to gain valuable 1st team experience and still hasn't kicked on.

Good luck to the lad and hopefully he has a successful career.

There is always a chance he will kick on playing week in week out in the lower tier... I really hope he does and we have inserted a sell on clause just incase.

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Going over the papers this morning at Bournemouth could be in for a very disruptive week with PL clubs eyeing several of their important players. Steve Cook, Josh King and David Brooks are lined up for potential moves.

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I guess we all like the result v Wales but in reality there was not a lot to beat and some of their defending in the penalty area was criminal.

So I'm sorry the Welsh Gene pool is not large enough to give them a decent side.  Possibly even ever.  A few talented individuals maybe but that is likely to be about it.

Moore is a big unit but not very likely to score against an England defence that was not the most cohesive I've seen.  So he might be useful in the champo but that is about his best level, I'd guess

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    • I think Tav is what he is, a skilled footballer with good ball control but lacking a footballing brain which has held him back from making the next grade. He is useful and can beat defenders but you never get off your seat watching him and when he lines up to shoot nobody expects him to score indeed it's probably more a case of wondering just how far off target it's going to end up. For me the problem is supporters having unrealistic expectations from him. He's 22 years old, his "development" is behind him, at best he might hone what he has but I would be amazed if he suddenly became a world beater. He has reached his level, with maturity he may refine some flaws but his decision making is the weakest part of his game and if your head isn't telling you what you should do in the next phase of play at 22 then it isn't going to change anytime soon.  In short he is decent at this level, no more no less, with a tendency to believe his own hype which I suspect is one of the main drivers behind such poor decision making.    
    • I have a cousin called Ruaraidh (Rory), Gaelic names get proper wacky!
    • =6th on goals scored. Missed a week too! Somehow find myself just above the relegation zone!!    not going my way this season!!
    • I actually think he’s improved significantly since he was dropped for that one game a while back. 
    • It’s not necessarily criticism (the way I see him), it’s more frustration. He has everything to be one of the best players in the league. He just needs to improve his end product. Personally think he should be getting double figures for goals and assists every season with relative ease with the ability he has. It’s great that he’s a threat and getting in shooting positions, but unless he actually improves his end product it’s not really helping the team. Just think he could really reach that next level with a bit of composure. Saying that, if he did improve his composure, he’d be a premier league player - quite easily.

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