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Neil Warnock, Steve Gibson & Long Term Vision?

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As it's looking a virtual certainty that Warnock is going to get the job for next season, it's worth noting both the significant positives and negatives that will result from Warnock being our manager

👀Thanks for the invite, really appreciate it.

The Evening Gazette has said that Steve Gibson is against a director of football because it would add another 6 figure salary onto the wage bill. I can't help but question whether that is the true mot

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21 minutes ago, Payero said:

Football fans especially boro fans are extremely fickle. 

So do you think nobody had a problem with Warnock before the last game? The last few? This season?

What do you think this thread even exists for?

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36 minutes ago, Payero said:

Football fans especially boro fans are extremely fickle. 

I wouldn't say we are any more fickle than the fans of any other club.

After getting off to a good start, we had an okay first season under Warnock. Could have made the play-offs but had a disappointing run-in, losing 6 of our last 12 games.

This season, after getting more of his type of players in, we've managed 2 wins in 9 games. Our standard of play has worsened considerably and we're now at the stage where anyone can beat us quite comfortably, even when they have major injury problems.

The fact is, if we continue along our current trajectory, its entirely possible we could be fighting to avoid finishing 3rd bottom...and only because Derby & Reading's points deductions should guarantee they finish in the bottom 2.

You'd think Peterborough and Hull should struggle more than us...and they probably will. But nothing's a given in this league (except for us finding new and depressing ways to lose).

Boro's current points-per-game tally will put us on 46 points by the end of the season...certainly no guarantee of avoiding relegation.


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1 hour ago, Payero said:

Football fans especially boro fans are extremely fickle. 

I think that’s an unfair generalisation. Many Boro fans are loyal, steadfast in their  beliefs and not prone to shifting their opinions on a whim after a bad result.

For instance, I thought Warnock was a *** before he got here and I still think he’s a *** now. 

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    • Jordan had said he'd spoken to people at all ends, I think. Gibson, Morris and the administrator. He seems to count all as either decent people or friends but had stuff to say about Morris' handling of it. He also said knowing Gibson as long as he has, he wouldn't make a fuss about something were there not some justification for it. For me personally, the big thing is looking back at the season in question. Thinking we should be due any kind of compensation for that season is hard. It entirely fits in with the narrative Pulis had after his last game, the whole 'finishing 7th better than 5th the year before'. I have a hard time accepting that finish was anything but our own fault but in fighting this case, we are saying it is in some way Derby's because of their cheating. I don't honestly think there's enough there in sporting terms to suggest they put themselves in a significantly difficult position to best and Pulis was certainly getting paid enough to justify him doing better with the squad we had. But that's just the emotional side of it for me. Reading what Rob Nichols told us and what Jordan has said certainly opens your eyes to how essentially evil the situation remains from a Derby perspective. I still hate Morris for what he's done and I hate the idea they could fight their way out of their situation this season or even look remotely rosy next season. I don't want them to disappear, I'll feel some sense of relief if/when they get bought. But so long as they reach that stage, I'll have them under my own 'intense scrutiny'.
    • Love this from the cameraman, UTB.
    • Interesting... I did hear the Jordan comments but don't fully understand the technicalities of the whole Derby becoming debt-free and returning stronger thing. Was news to me that the £45m thing was *** (I guess Simon may have heard that from Steve himself...?) I just hope it doesn't dissolve into "Boro are trying to kill Derby" and we get piled on... which is the narrative they're clearly desperate to create. We all know what football fans and pundits are like and most people won't read or understand the details. I'm a Boro fan and I still admit to not fully getting some of it. 
    • Check out the love between Crooks & Payero. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

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