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Boro v Sheffield W (A) 2-1 (McNair, Assombalonga)

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What a relief! Today's results just show how strong the championship league is!  A nice win and performance to finish of what can only be described as a absolutely shocking seasons for the f

Well final game day has arrived, the waiting on knowing what the future entails for Boro will soon be known. At least we all got here to witness the most bizarre turn of events in our lives and t

I’m a fan of Maddo purely for the way he commentates. He’s not a polished journalist spewing the same old cliche, non risqué drivel. He’s a fan. He gets excited and demonstrates a real passion and an

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    • I respect your opinion, but mate this is a really *** bad take, given everything that has come out over the past few days. It's almost like you started this post early last week and then forgot to send it.
    • Derby have been docked an awful lot of points which is fair punishment in my eyes. They are also in a terrible financial mess, I imagine if this was happening at our club we would be heartbroken. They look like they’ll get relegated this season, that’s their punishment.    Gibson really shouldn’t be pulling on the misery and by continuing his action he’s effectively delaying the sale of Derby to a potential buyer and therefore increasing the chance of them running out of money and folding. I don’t like what he’s doing one bit, even though I admire him as a man and as our chairman, I just can’t agree with what he’s doing here.    I know many are up in arms about us missing out on promotion, but under Pulis?? Now that’s what I call a long shot!
    • If you had some lamb for dinner, you could say that 'Liquid ate the rams'...
    • Kind of amazing to see the turn in public opinion. Think a week or two ago, the feeling was much more empathetic towards Derby fans but they've come out all guns blazing defending yet another bad actor running their club in Quantuma. You'd think if you were sat in this situation, you'd challenge all sides in the battle to save your club. Keep everyone on their toes. I'd accept the anger thrown at Gibson and Couhig and all the other people involved if they held the same anger for Quantuma when they mess up. Their club is about to die, keep a keen eye on all parties not just the ones who disagree with the administrators. There's an irony here. The Rams keep having the wool pulled over their eyes.
    • I've just caught up with all this polava both on this forum and the Derby one. All I can think of is one question. Shouldn't Derby fans simply be annoyed with Mel Morris and his squeezing every last bit of cheating and advantage he possibly can and then going up in a puff of smoke? Unbelievable level of weakness and lack of wisdom. I could be wrong but not one of them appears to have held their hands up and said this. It's all directed towards Steve Gibson now. I despair.

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