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Boro v Sheffield W (A) 2-1 (McNair, Assombalonga)

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What a relief! Today's results just show how strong the championship league is!  A nice win and performance to finish of what can only be described as a absolutely shocking seasons for the f

Well final game day has arrived, the waiting on knowing what the future entails for Boro will soon be known. At least we all got here to witness the most bizarre turn of events in our lives and t

I’m a fan of Maddo purely for the way he commentates. He’s not a polished journalist spewing the same old cliche, non risqué drivel. He’s a fan. He gets excited and demonstrates a real passion and an

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What a relief!

Today's results just show how strong the championship league is! 

A nice win and performance to finish of what can only be described as a absolutely shocking seasons for the fans.

If it wasn't for Warnock then I think absolutely we would of been relegated under Woodgate. Warnock, Blackwell and Jepson have done an excellent job given the circumstances like players dropping like flies. 4 away wins was massive for this football club!

We need to improve as a club as a whole and hopefully correct decisions finally get put right in the summer starting by the right appointment as a manager.

Can I just say what a pleasure it has been reading members views on this forum. Yes, there is always disagreements but we all have one thing in common and that's the love of the Boro.




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28 minutes ago, wilsoncgp said:

I don't understand the problem. Seems incredibly harsh.

It didn't matter what was happening at Birmingham, unless he thought Charlton were going to fight back and put 5 past the champions.  I honestly don't know why he was trying to sensationalize something that wasn't there, its either poor commentary or he can't add up.

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I genuinely think we would have been bottom with Woodgate and I'm very glad Gibson finally took his head out of the sand and realised we were heading down.

We now need to stabilise the club and get things sorted out.

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1 minute ago, Jamie-H said:

If Woodgate kept his win rate over the 8 games he'd have at a push won 2 and we'd be on 47 points I 'm pretty sure he'd have relegated us thank god for Warnock.

After the Swansea game I honestly don't think we would have won  another match under Woodgate..

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    • Sam Johnstone was dropped for West Brom and wont play Saturday.  Highly unlikely we could get him but he would definitely be an upgrade!
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    • The Connolly discussion is a little bit unfair to the lad. It's two games and let's be fair boro have been a little of the pace even if we did get last minute winner in one of them. Give him some more minutes and games before we write off... the being said would like to see barragon start
    • Boro have pretty much always followed the guidelines as they are so if they can drop the restrictions then they probably will. I would think it would be even more likely that those restrictions get dropped after the last game where, depending on when you turned up and what turnstile you were at, you may or may not get your pass checked and mask guidelines may not have been spoken about. We spoke to the club about this at the last MSF meeting and they were saying how they'd have to reinforce the guidelines to their stewards after some varied experiences from different reps in the group. Me personally, I turned up and the lass there almost looked shocked when I lifted up my phone with the pass on to show her. Think most reps reported no issues but one of those things where it's little good having the rules to try and prevent the spread of a virus if the odd steward here and there doesn't bother. If the guidelines are changing though then that stuff probably doesn't matter. Seems doubtful they'd continue anyway, like you said.
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