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Has and always will be Tuncay. My sweet, Turkish Delight.

I’m going to be cheeky and suggest a player from each manager in my recent time.   McClaren era = Gareth Southgate - a leader and a rock at the back. Mr dependable. Southgate era =  toss u

they said the same about Douglas Bader.....but he still did the job

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From a fantasy world I’d probably go for the little fella (first time around)

 From a more realistic point of view given our current situation probably a fit and healthy Grant Leadbitter 

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A couple spring to mind

Merse, baggage and all. He added flair, creativity and goals and lifted the team hugely. 

Traore, what a player and would elevate this stodgy team into playoff contention single handedly

2015 Leadbitter, more pointy and shouty needed

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