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Boro v Shrewsbury (EFL CUP) 4-3 (Johnson Fletcher(2) Tavernier)r

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Watching the highlights, you can hear a clear shout that I can only assume is Stoj as he comes out for the ball before the 2nd goal, Britt heads it away and leaves Stoj out of position.

I think on the third goal he probably could/should have been louder at letting someone know that Pyke was free behind Spence, because Spence didn't seem aware at all

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Looking into ways to share my stream, private youtube might be the way to go. 

Lets put this into perspective after todays results. These championship teams lost to lower league teams: QPR (to Plymouth) Birmingham (to Cambridge) Huddersfield (to Rochdale) Swansea

Posted Images

Lets put this into perspective after todays results.

These championship teams lost to lower league teams:

QPR (to Plymouth)
Birmingham (to Cambridge)
Huddersfield (to Rochdale)
Swansea (to Newport)
Cardiff (to Northampton)

These two promotion hopefuls lost to relegation threatened teams:

Forest (to Barnsley)
Norwich (to Luton)

These teams needed penalties to win against lower league teams

Derby (vs Barrow)
Sheff Wednesday (vs Walsall)

Out of 11 games, only 4 championship teams managed to beat their lower league rivals in regular time:

Middlesbrough (vs Shrewsbury)
Millwall (vs Crawley Town)
Bristol City (vs Exeter)
Reading (vs Colchester)

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22 hours ago, AnglianRed said:


Well going from those limited Sky highlights, it was a typical lower league cup tie.

Defensively we were terrible. Not closing down and letting the opposition shoot from range, combined with acting like statues in the box. Can understand not wanting to tackle & risk a penalty...but we weren't even blocking or forcing them away from goal.

Our goals were a mix of comedy goalkeeping, a couple of nice finishes and an opportunistic tap-in from a flukey rebound off the post.

Theirs were all down to shambolic defending, or lack of pressure in midfield, trying to win the ball back. We still can't defend from set pieces and that last goal in particular...we just let them walk through nearly our entire team!


On the positive side: we won. A potential banana skin overcome. Looking at the players' body language, they didn't seem particularly up for it. Early season rust...still knackered from the rushed finish to last season? Lets hope so.

There is still time for Warnock and the coaches to work with the squad and hopefully get them up to speed.

I mean when both Managers come out and say they view this match as a preseason friendly, that goes a long way to explain the lack of intensity throughout the game from both sides really.

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